A Cordless Breaker? Yes, And More! Milwaukee MX FUEL System Announced!

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Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment System

Just when you thought Li-ion powered tools were all out of surprises, Milwaukee chuckles and says “Hold my [metaphorical] beer”! The new Milwaukee MX FUEL system is bringing battery power to the world of light equipment. No more gas headaches, loud generators, massive air compressors or carbon monoxide concerns. The initial launch line-up includes a 14” cut-off saw, a concrete breaker, a handheld core drill, the 27,000 lumen ROCKET tower light/charger, the CARRY-ON 3600W/1800W power supply and a sewer drum machine with lift assist. Grab your hard hat and safety goggles, ’cause it just got real up in here!

Team Red MX FUEL – Taking The Gas Out Of Big Tools

Milwaukee MX FUEL System
MX FUEL charger and XC406 battery. This is the larger of 2 “Redlithium” MX FUEL battery options. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

If you’ve been following Home Fixated for more than a few minutes (or have any experience with modern cordless tools), you’re probably well aware that today’s lithium-ion battery powered tools are legitimately as powerful and capable as their corded ancestors. And now, thanks to Milwaukee, they’re poised to take over the light equipment market as well. That’s not hype; that’s reality.

CP203 battery pack
The CP203 is the smaller of the two MX FUEL battery packs. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Milwaukee says they’ve engineered their MX FUEL lineup to be lighter and quieter – and to give you less vibration fatigue – than their gaseous counterparts. And no gasoline means no emissions and much less noise, maintenance and hassle. All of this translates to a more pleasant, safer working environment.

Bluetooth enabled
All Milwaukee MX FUEL tools are ONE-KEY compatible. The ONE-KEY app. lets you customize performance to your needs and provides usage logs, tool management, security and tracking features. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

14” Cut-Off Saw

Milwaukee MX FUEL 14" Cut-Off Saw
All the power of a gasoline cut-off saw, without the choking fumes and gunked up carburetor. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Unlike your typical battery powered tools, these are beastly machines intended for serious heavy duty work. The first tool in the line-up is a 14” cut-off saw. This monster weighs in at 32 lbs., runs at 5,350 RPM and has a cut capacity of 5”.

Just cutting up some concrete over here!
Powering through concrete. The unit has a water line input to keep the dust down. (Wheeled cart sold separately.) Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Concrete slabs, cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, corrugated steel deck, cinder block, PVC pipe… Milwaukee’s MX FUEL 14” cut-off saw is ready to take it on! And with an impressive cut speed.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker – Breaking Concrete, Not Your Back

Milwaukee MX FUEL Concrete Breaker
The MX FUEL breaker is not your grandfather’s jackhammer (Unless he buys one. Then it totally is!). Plus, it has an LED light. And his definitely didn’t have that. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL concrete breaker is a whole new animal. Gone are the days of deafening noise, air hoses and back breaking weight. It measures just over 32” in length and delivers 50 ft/lb of impact energy at a rate of 1,300 blows per minute. Milwaukee boasts 2 tons per charge.

While still a beast, this lightest-in-class breaker weighs only 64 lbs. and can be carried with one (strong) hand. It also comes with a storage cart to wheel it around. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

The MX FUEL breaker features push button soft start and greatly reduced handle vibration compared to traditional concrete breakers. So you won’t get tuckered out or feel like you’re full of springs nearly as quickly as you’re used to. That’s a big deal.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill

Milwaukee MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill
A built-in clutch and auto-stop feature help prevent over twisting in case of binding, for a safer handheld coring experience. (Shown with optional vacuum accessory) Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Weighing in at 21.58 lbs., the MX FUEL core drill can be safely operated as a handheld unit. It has a native spindle size of 1-¼”-7 and comes with a 5/8″-11 spindle adapter. There are two motor speeds (790 and 1550 RPM), a quick connect collar, an onboard water connection, and an integrated pressure gauge and LED level.

Up to 6" cores.
Core up to 6” diameter holes in reinforced concrete. (Shown with the optional vertical stand.) Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Judging by the demo video, the safety features seem to be very responsive, stopping the “kickback” within 45° of rotation. And that’s a wonderful thing; if this much mass were to spin unfettered and whack you in the jaw (or break your wrist), you wouldn’t consider it one of your happier days.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine W/ POWERTREDZ Life Assist

Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine
The MX FUEL sewer drum machine can be operated in manual or automatic feed mode. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

A clogged sewage pipe is truly a crappy situation to deal with. But this tool makes a #2 job #1 priority! This machine has the power to cut through roots 200′ down the line, with a cable spin speed of 200 RPM. It can be used with 5/8″ or 3/4″ cable and is recommended for 3” – 6″ pipe (max. 8”).

“POWERTREDZ” power assist.
A power assist feature helps you lift and lower the sewer drum machine. We have no doubt this is a welcome feature. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

At 125 lbs., this is the heaviest tool in the launch lineup. So that one person can safely load it in and out of a service van (and get it up and down stairs), Milwaukee equipped this behemoth with power assist tracks, affectionately named “POWERTREDZ”.

ROCKET Tower Light/Charger – Daylight, Any Time Of The Night

Milwaukee MX FUEL ROCKET Tower Light/Charger
The ROCKET tower light has three brightness modes, with a maximum of 27,000 lumens. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

So far we’ve seen a lot of great tools. But you’re not going to get much work done if you can’t see what you’re doing. When it’s dark out or you’re working in a poorly lit building, it’s time for the MX FUEL ROCKET. This is an indoor/outdoor lighting tower with a motorized mast that extends from 44” to 10′ in seconds. It has 4 adjustable LED light heads, an integrated charger and a wheeled base.

10' extendable tower light.
At 108 lbs., Milwaukee’s ROCKET tower light is (we believe) the second heaviest piece in the MX FUEL launch line-up. 8” all-terrain wheels make it easy to move around the jobsite. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

The ROCKET is suitable for use in just about any weather. A sealed battery box keeps the battery pack dry if a storm rolls in. And the unit features a heavy, low center of gravity and deployable outriggers for stability on uneven ground and in windy conditions.

CARRY-ON 3600W/1800W Power Supply – Milwaukee MX FUEL As A Fuel Provider

Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply
Because Milwaukee knows you’re likely to still have some AC powered tools on the jobsite, the MX FUEL lineup includes this high-power inverter. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

Last, but not least, there’s the 3600W/1800W CARRY-ON inverter power supply. It’s like a portable generator that’s powered by either one or two MX FUEL batteries. It has two 120VAC power outlets that can run tools up to 15A; even a 1000W microwave oven! Hey, the crew’s got to break for lunch at some point.

Portable 120V Power Supply
We couldn’t find weight specs on this unit. But suffice it to say you won’t be carrying too many gas powered generators quite so casually. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

When you’re near a power outlet, you can use the CARRY-ON to charge up to two MX FUEL battery packs at once by running an extension cord. CP203 battery packs charge in 45 minutes; XC406 in 90. No external chargers required.

M12 / M18 charger mount
There’s even a place to mount a Milwaukee M12 or M18 battery charger (not included) to keep your other tool batteries topped off. Photo – MilwaukeeTool.com

FUEL For Your Tools That Replaced Your Tools That Use Fuel

Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment System
Milwaukee MX FUEL equipment system is about to change the way you work.

All of the tools and battery packs mentioned above come with a 2-year warranty. The tools feature push button activation, brushless motors and communicate with the battery packs’ “Redlink Plus” circuitry to provide thermal and overload monitoring and in-app communication to optimize tool performance.

Battery power has made it to the big leagues! These are serious machines for serious work. The full launch lineup won’t be available for purchase until 2020. But rest assured, these six tools are only the beginning. Milwaukee has a lot more brewing in the background!

Bask in the gas-less glory of Milwaukee MX FUEL:

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