Unpacking the Milwaukee Packout 2 Wheel Cart and Customizable Worktop

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A quick note before we begin: Starting with this post, Tool News Nirvana will be evolving into a column with a bit more focus. Rather than skimming over 5 new tools in each of three posts per month, we’ll now be publishing several more focused articles per month. Each of these will take a deeper dive into a single tool or two, providing more information while at the same time still keeping the delivery lighthearted – as you’d expect from us. First new post focused on some new additions to the Milwaukee storage lineup including their new Packout 2 Wheel Cart and Customizable Worktop in 3…2…1…

Unpacking PACKOUT™

milwaukee 2 wheel cart
Milwaukee 48-22-8415: Carry your life around.

Milwaukee is on a roll now, literally. Their newest release is the #48-22-8415 PACKOUT 2-Wheel Cart. Also released recently is the #48-22-8488 PACKOUT Customizable Worktop. In the ongoing war of modular storage systems between the major tool manufacturers, Big Red keeps firing salvos of innovation. In this slightly reformatted Tool News Nirvana, we’ll learn more about these two new releases, what they mean for productivity, and how they fit in with the rest of the PACKOUT™ ecosystem.

packout customizable worktop
Milwaukee 48-22-8488: A workbench on the go

The Milwaukee PACKOUT 2 Wheel Cart Goes for a Spin

They say that you need to build a strong foundation first if you want to build a skyscraper. I don’t know who “they” are in this case. Probably a bunch of dorky engineers or something? Anyway, the same concept applies to modular tool storage. Choosing the right “foundation” for your storage stack can make a lot of difference in productivity. With their new PACKOUT 2 Wheel Cart, Milwaukee provides as strong a base as can be desired.

The Milwaukee Packout 2-Wheel Cart has a hefty 400lb weight capacity (great for when your family has to wheel you from the dining room to the living room after Thanksgiving dinner), and 10” industrial wheels for mobility. In a nod to the fact that everybody works differently, Milwaukee has made it possible to either stack your PACKOUT™ containers hand-truck style, or to hang them on the vertical part of the cart.

milwaukee packout 2 wheel cart
Milwaukee 48-22-8415: These tools were made for walkin’

Importantly, this cart also offers integrated storage for long tools, such as levels, clamps, or even your perfectly crusty baguette that you brought for lunch. It’s compatible with any PACKOUT™ toolbox, tote, vacuum, cooler, or radio. Last, but certainly not least – you can use the 2-Wheel Cart as a true hand truck, which is very helpful for moving stuff around the jobsite.

Milwaukee 48-22-8415: For your long tools, short tools, and sort-of in-between tools

The Milwaukee Packout Customizable Worktop

What good is bringing all of your tools with you if you don’t have a convenient work surface on which to use them? That’s the question Milwaukee is answering with the PACKOUT™ Customizable Worktop.

packout customizable worktop
Milwaukee 48-22-8488: Work table when you’re clocked in, poker table when you’re not

Many companies offer modular tool storage solutions now, but few offer worktop solutions. Key features of the Packout Customizable Worktop: ½” marine-grade plywood work surface (surface is replaceable, too), 50lb weight capacity, and connectivity with all PACKOUT™ components. What’s coolest, I think, is what they’re calling a “fastener-ready mounting surface”. What this means, basically, is that it’s easy to attach vises, chargers, or your cappuccino machine & matching burr grinder to the work surface on your PACKOUT™ stack.

As a professional handyman myself, this type of modular tool storage is very appealing. I don’t personally use Milwaukee – well, not yet at least. However, the amount of work that they’re putting into the PACKOUT™ line is really nice to see. Smart accessories like the Packout 2-Wheel Cart and the Customizable Work Top make it that much easier to bring a well-equipped workstation to wherever you need to complete a job, then just as easily pack everything up and head to a different job (or home). The days of having to go back to your truck numerous times to gather more tools are behind us! Rejoice!

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