Tool Deals and Steals – November 10, 2020

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This round of tool deals is all about the top ten. The top deals you can get for less than $10 bucks, that is. You can still update your shop supply on a shoestring budget if you know where to look. So, look no further than these deals and steals for the key components that you can afford to lock-in!

West Chester Three-Piece 0.35MM PVC Polyester Yellow Rainsuit # PIP4035XXL

You’ll be singing in the rain with this 3-piece deal on rain gear

When it rains, it pours. So ditch the 3-piece suit you’re used to and upgrade your wardrobe with this rain suit from West Chester. It’s ideal for heavy-duty work in the field, or on the go. Storm flaps cover the snap enclosure for ideal wind resistance and a corduroy collar aids overall comfort. At this price, you can afford to buy a few for the shop, the car, and the toolbox. Being high and dry never looked so good.


Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Ohio Power Tool

Rockler 1-lb. Bag of Rags

Keep this bag of rags within reach on your next dirty job

If you’re ready to update your sorry sack of secondhand shop linens, reach out for this Rockler bag of rags. These rags are made of new material, pre-washed, and ready to go. You can use them for staining, cleaning, or any other shop task you have in mind. They’re machine washable if you intend to reuse them, or at this price you can ditch them when you’re done.

$5.99 (previously $7.99)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Rockler

Bosch 6-in. 5/8 TPI Edge Reciprocating Saw Blade for Wood/Nail Demolition #RDN6VB

Saw through it all with this Bosch blade

When high-end engineering meets high-strength steel, you get the Bosch cutting edge. These redesigned blades let you trim hedges or cut through your next demo job with ease. This swiss-made 6-inch blade lasts three times as long as traditional reciprocating saw blades and chews through wood or nails and stays sharp. It also has a thin kerf so you can cut your finish work down while you’re at it.


Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Tool Nut

Nebo Larry 170-LED Work Light, #6327N

This Larry light is lit with 170 Lumens of LED

Not sure who Larry is, but whoever he may be, he’s offering up this LED light at a lucrative price. This light pushes 170 lumens, can fit in your pack or your pocket, and runs on AAA batteries. It has a magnetic clip so you can attach it to your typical working surfaces, or something ferrous nearby.


Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Acme Tools

Traditional Magnetic Tool Holder, #29A01.03

Opposites attract with this magnetic tool bar

Get your tools in line with these magnetic tool holders. They’re not just for kitchen knives anymore. These magnetic holders are strong enough to hold your heavy-duty tools and keep your equipment well within reach. No more table-top rummaging or toolbox ransacking. See it, grab it, get back to work. At nearly 50% off, there’s more than enough reason to be attracted to this deal!

$9.95 (previously $17.90)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now – Garrett Wade

If there are any specific brands or types of tools you’d like to see featured in future Tool Deals and Steals article, please let us know in the comments section below. And, if you stumble across a smokin’ hot tool deal we should know about, please email the link to us via our contact page.

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