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Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves

I’ve always considered myself a handy guy, and I’m generally willing to lend a helping hand if someone is short-handed. All too often, that helping hand comes back home with a splinter or gash in it, covered with a layer of grime. Yes, I have heard of work gloves, thank you very much, I just don’t always wear them when I should. In an effort to give slackers like me more options for protecting their digits, Milwaukee recently introduced a line of Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves. A few pairs of them showed up at HomeFixated recently; join us as we take a hands-on look.

Here are the official specs from Milwaukee:

• Smartswipe Fingertips, Knuckles and Palms – Permits the use of touch screen devices without removing gloves
• High dexterity finger tips provide dexterity when handling small objects
• Built-in terry cloth sweat wipe
• Breathable lining provides all day comfort
• Hook & loop closure for a secure fit

milwaukee performance work gloves
Fresh gloves, ready to do battle…

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves Fit Like A…

One prime reason I usually go commando-handed is that I have trouble finding decent gloves that fit. I have big mitts, and even the largest gloves available in most home centers are generally pretty snug. The Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves are available in sizes from Small to XXL, which gave me hope; Milwaukee sent gloves in XL and XXL for me to try.

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
My dainty hand, on an 8-1/2 x 11″ sheet of paper.

Like most folks who work in the trades, I’m extremely fashion conscious, so I was gratified to see that the gloves are a stylish blend of – what else?! – Red and Black. When try-on time came, I could force my hand into the XL gloves, but they were too tight to wear. The XXL gloves, after tugging them on and off a few times, fit perfectly. They’re snug around my fingers and hand, but not uncomfortably so, and I have full flexibility in all my fingers.

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
Stylin’ with the red & black Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves

This is due at least partly to the gussets Milwaukee added at the knuckles, on all fingers except the index. The gloves are secured around the wrist with a hook and loop closure that snugs up the wrist, without feeling like you’re in handcuffs. If you prefer a loose cuff, the gloves are also available without the closure.

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
Gussets help when it’s time to flex your digits.

Continuing the trend for my tools and gear to be smarter than I am, the gloves have “Smartswipe” fingertips, knuckles and palms. This allows you to use your touch screen devices without taking off your gloves. I don’t use a tablet, but I did try the feature out on my iPhone, with my fingertip and knuckle, anyhow. I couldn’t quite figure out how to use my palm to do anything, although the way I type, I might as well be using my palm… The feature worked fine, but I would recommend using a screen protector on your device, if your gloves get as dirty as mine do.

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
Check those specs without wiggling out of the gloves
Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
The “Smartswipe” finger. A screen protector might be a good investment.

Workin’ The Work Gloves

I used the Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves frequently over the past couple of months. They spent some quality time doing site prep work for a fire pit, mixing and finishing concrete, doing demo work, siding removal, window replacement, general carpentry, hauling drywall, yard cleanup…when I suffer, my gloves suffer.

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
The Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves got to play with a pickaxe…
Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
And LOTS of Quikrete…
Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves
And saved a fair bit of wear and tear on my hands.

The gloves provided plenty of flexibility and tactile feedback to do everything I needed to do. We installed Tyvek wrap after pulling off the old siding (and no, that’s NOT going to serve as the new finished surface, despite its popularity in some circles…). I had a pouch full of button nails, and it was easy to grab and manipulate them. For those who need even more dexterity, to maneuver small fasteners or do detail work, the Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves are also available in a fingerless model.

milwaukee performance work gloves
A fingerless version helps when using small fasteners or surgical tools…

The concrete work was done in warm weather, and the breathable lining made them a WHOLE lot more comfortable to wear. The built-in terrycloth sweat wipes got a good workout, too. The siding work and much of the yard work was done in much cooler weather, with temps down into the 40s. While the Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves aren’t designed for frigid temps, they were very comfortable while keeping active during those projects.

milwaukee performance work gloves
The gloves helped when the siding came off in chilly November

Milwaukee Glove Love

The verdict? I like ‘em! As someone who is somewhat klutzy and accident-prone, I have to admit, having some protection for my paws is probably a good idea. The gloves, while designed for light to medium duty, saved me from at least a couple of splinters, cuts and scrapes, and they sure speed up the hand-cleaning at the end of the day.

milwaukee performance work gloves
The gloves were still in great shape after two months

The Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves seem very well made, and have been very durable over a couple of month’s use. So far, no rips, pilling or other damage. There was no laundering info on the tag, but after two months of abuse, it was time to either pitch them or clean ‘em up. I washed them, and let them sit out to dry. They came out looking all spiffy and new, and still fit great.

milwaukee performance work gloves
All clean and shiny…let’s get back to work!

I’m VERY happy to have found a comfortable, durable pair of gloves that actually fit me. They’re cool and breathable enough for summer use, and provide a bit of warmth and great flexibility for cool weather work. Next time I lend someone a hand, it will be much more likely to have a glove on it.

Buy from the Home Depot for about $15:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

Or Tool Barn:

Buy Now - via Tool Barn

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