Spring Has Sprung – 7 Ways to Get a Jump On Spring Cleaning

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It’s the first full month of the new season! Are you already overwhelmed by all the spring cleaning to be done? Fear not, as your friends at Home Fixated can help with all the DIY solutions to your cleaning problems. Let’s get started with our top seven spring cleaning suggestions!

  1. Start by throwing away everything in your garage and/or tool shed. We mean it, everything! The best way to get a fresh start this season is with a clean slate. Pro tip: You may want to hire someone for this job. Don’t try to DIY this, or you will end up keeping all the things you forgot you owned that you should be throwing away.
  2. Find the dirtiest spot on your house that’s visible from the street. Now do your best to replicate this look in all other areas of the house. This will make the dirty area seem “normal.” Add some light mud touches to your windows, take out patches of healthy green grass, break a few fence panels – the possibilities are endless!
  3. If you haven’t already cleared out your spare lumber pile, do that now! It’s just taking up space, and who needs a 7 1/4” piece of 2×4 anyway? Much like math after elementary school, you’re never going to use it in real life!
  4. Instead of wasting water and electricity, “power wash” the driveway with a grout brush and good old-fashioned elbow grease. You’ll get some good exercise, and you’ll really impress the neighbors! Be sure to use “the good towels” to clean yourself off after this project. You’ve earned it!
  5. The same technique shown here can be applied to cleaning large expanses, like driveways
  6. Lots of projects on your to-do list? Enlist your spouse to help you with the tasks involving heavy, sweat-inducing manual labor! This is great bonding time, and he or she will be in awe of your gleaming muscles.
  7. Looking for Spring curb appeal? Paint your door a nice shade of pastel. Light pink, light yellow – basically anything that covers up your drab wood stain! Think Miami Vice and let your imagination run wild.
  8. Short on time for cleaning? Don’t waste time changing into your “DIY clothes” for painting, yard work, cleaning and the like. Go with business casual attire or even formal wear (also very impressive to the neighbors), and do your best not to make a mess!

We hope these tips help you get started and don’t make you look like too much of a fool in the process. Happy April first, everyone! Now get to work, for real!

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