New Family-Friendly Innovations from Klein Tools

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In the realm of tools and construction, things can be a bit hyper-masculine. Plaid shirts, big biceps, excessive facial hair – you’d think tradespeople were all beer-chugging bachelors without a care in the world after work. In reality, many of us, whether we’re pro’s working in the field, or weekend warriors powering through DIY projects at home, have a family life outside of work. That’s why we are really happy to see Klein Tools not only acknowledge that family life, but also embrace it in their new Klein Tots line of products.

Tradesman Pro™ Lighted Baby Bag

Klein’s new baby bag keeps essential gear easily accessible, even in dark conditions like nap time. AND it’s not pink or green.

When you’re on the go with your baby (or babies, god help you), it’s important to be properly equipped. The last thing you want is to be two wet wipes short after a diaper blowout cleanup. Until now, that meant carrying around some pastel-colored bag with little teddy bears sewn into an adorable contrasting ribbon accenting the bag. The new Tradesman Pro Lighted Baby Bag restores your dignity when traveling with baby gear.

31 pockets hold all the essentials, for maximum tool, toy, feeding and diapering storage
Fully molded bottom and 1680d ballistic weave protect from the elements – inside and out
Twist on/twist off LED light illuminates inside the bag or the surrounding play area
Orange interior makes it easy to see exactly what you need to grab in a rush

Tradesman Pro™ Ultra-Tough Infant Carrier

Childcare issues no longer need to jeopardize your career with the new Klein baby carrier

The call you dread as working parents, “Um, there’s been a lice outbreak at daycare, and your child is infested. They can’t come back for 48 hours.” Until now, calls like this induced panic in working parents and often led to leaving their children with sketchy babysitters, or, worse yet, the in-laws! Now, the Tradesman Pro Ultra-Tough Infant Carrier let’s you take your little love-nugget to work. It’s great bonding, and they’ll get bonus exposure to what it’s like to work a “real” job, (just try to avoid the silica dust, dangerous projectiles and potential for head injuries).

Cozy for the baby and convenient for the working parent
Unique exterior pockets keep tools, toys and accessories close at hand
Exterior 1680d ballistic weave for added durability during every day wear
Soft, breathable lining keeps baby happy and snug
Easily adjusts to infants from 7 to 25 lbs

Cushion-Grip Teether

Tired of flimsy binky tethers? Klein has you covered!

If your child has a “binky” (that means pacifier for all you non-breeders), then you know the terror of seeing it fall to the floor. . . typically to the most horrifyingly dirty and disgusting part of the floor. Or, into the toilet. You’re then faced with the painful decision of futilely trying to wipe the binky off before shoving it back in your baby’s mouth, or watching the look on your child’s face erode from blissful contentment to ear-shattering despair when they realize their binky is gone. Enter the Klein Cushion-Grip Teether and tether.

Durable, lightweight design withstands the toughest gnawing, biting and drooling
Greater torque and comfort for efficient teething relief
Innovative shape makes it easy for drool-covered hands to hold
Impact-resistant design protects from damage when dropped or thrown

Your baby will NEVER lose their binky again – unless their diaper breaks. In that case quickly hand the child to your significant other and run.

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6 thoughts on “New Family-Friendly Innovations from Klein Tools”

  1. Wait… this was an April Fool’s joke? Brilliant! I must come clean; I completely ate it up until I read Jeff’s comment. Then I scrolled back and saw the date. This has got to be the cutest article ever featured on HomeFixated. And very amusingly well written. Bravo, my kind sir! I bow to your genius.

  2. I always dislike April Fools in the tool world. Maybe I’m just more crotchety than my age suggests. By the title I was hoping for a Klein branded line of kid toy tools similar to the Black and Decker type stuff. My kids love playing with those but they’re disappointed that they don’t look like my tools.

  3. Great stuff – but no junior voltage testers or insulated linesman’s pliers for infants? Shocking! Always look forward to the annual April 1st post, and once again, nicely done!


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