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milwaukee pipeline

In the tool media universe, the annual Milwaukee New Product Symposium is one of the summer’s most anticipated events. For over a decade, Milwaukee has used the Symposium as a chance for members of the tool media to get an insider’s hands-on preview of a slew of upcoming Milwaukee products. This year, Milwaukee is rolling out a new, virtual version of this annual extravaganza: The Milwaukee PIPELINE. And for the first time ever, the public is invited to join the fun!

A previous New Product Symposium. Too much cool stuff for social distancing.

Wanna be among the first in the world to see what Milwaukee’s product development team has been up to? The Milwaukee PIPELINE is your chance to take a peek behind the Red curtain – before the products are even on the market. As a bonus, you get to do this WITHOUT the rigors of traveling to Wisconsin, and the hardships of staying in a swanky hotel, and feeling obligated to socialize all evening at the open bar.

Milwaukee Tool has always done a great job with their in-person presentations, and we fully expect the online version to be well-done and attention grabbing. To avoid information overload, they’re breaking the Milwaukee PIPELINE presentation into several episodes, and releasing one a month. Here’s a little pump-it-up teaser video from Milwaukee:

If you’re interested in being among the first to know what’s REALLY coming soon from the folks at Team Red, all you have to do is pre-register. It’s fast and easy to do; you can register by clicking on the graphic below. It only takes a minute, and it’s the only way to get access to the invitation-only product reveals.

After registering online, you’ll get a confirmation email from Milwaukee, along with an option to add the date and time to your calendar. Episode 1 will go live at 5:00 p.m. CST on August 20, 2020, and will focus on the newest additions to the M12, M18 and MX FUEL lines of tools and accessories. Future episodes will highlight other product lines.

A preview of coming attractions…

Tap Into The Milwaukee PIPELINE!

Got another social event scheduled for that time? Lucky you! Not to worry, though – as long as you’re registered, you’ll be able to access archived episodes after they air. We’ll also be posting follow-up information on HomeFixated, where we’ll recap the highlights from each episode.

Registration for the “members-only” series is currently open, and will remain open throughout the duration of the series. Get registered, and mark your calendar – although we suspect you may get a reminder email before the big event. On August 20th, grab an appropriate beverage – an Old Milwaukee, perhaps? – and join us, and let’s find out together what comes gushing out of the Milwaukee PIPELINE!

milwaukee pipeline

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