Tool News Nirvana – August 4, 2020

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So much in today’s world revolves around air quality and cleanliness…and rightfully so, in an effort to help contain Covid 19. We wear masks in most public situations, surfaces get sanitized frequently, and air scrubbers are more prevalent than they have been in the past. What about inside our homes though? Big Ass Fans has a neat solution, which we’ll learn about in this edition of Tool News Nirvana. We’ll also hear about a new cable stapler from Klein, a pruning saw and a nail puller from Milwaukee, and an announcement from Makita.

Big-Ass Air Disinfection

Haiku UV-C
Haiku UV-C: Keep your air clean and circulated at the same time.

Everyone’s favorite uniquely named fan company, Big Ass Fans, has a new product that might be appealing to some of us during these pandemic times. The Haiku UV-C ceiling fan combines powerful air movement with the disinfectant qualities of powerful ultraviolet light. In testing, this fan reduced airborne microbial suspension by 99.9% within 10 minutes. It should be a nice, easy, good-looking way to keep indoor air clean – plus it includes standard features such as smart-home integration, automation, and multiple finishes as well. More information can be found in the link below.

More Info - via Big Ass Fans

Klein Says “NO!” to Loose Cables

Klein 450-100
Klein 450-100: Makes loose cables un-loose

The #450-100 Loose Cable Stapler looks to provide an ergonomic way to attach cables to walls and studs. Designed to be used with insulated staples for voice, data, video, and NM (Romex) cables, it’s meant to save time and energy over the course of the job. A neat feature is the forward action, where the user presses forward and down to drive the staple, versus having to squeeze the rear handle of other staplers. It’s compatible with Klein staples (#450-001, 450-002, 450-003), and is available from retailers now.

Buy Now - via Acme Tools

Milwaukee’s Micro Chainsaw

M12 FUEL HATCHET: Good for your pruning jobs, great for Johnny Depp’s career

We’re sensing an impending reboot of “Edward Scissor Hands” due to the rollout of this new tool from Milwaukee. The M12 FUEL™ HATCHET™ is a 6” chainsaw meant for use in tight pruning situations. It’s on the miniature-sized (but very powerful) M12 battery platform, and weighs less than 5 pounds. Also included is a genuine Oregon® bar & chain, which features a “full house” chain design for cleaner cuts and less vibration. “Edward Chainsawhands” sounds like it could be next summer’s blockbuster, we’re looking forward to it! The HATCHET™ is available now.

Buy Now - via Ohio Power Tool

Milwaukee’s New “Oops” Stick

12" Nail Puller
12″ Nail Puller: Every carpenter’s dirty little secret

There’s an old saying that a carpenter is only as good as their nail puller. Actually, I just made that up. Nail pullers are still important tools, though, even if they’re overlooked and unsung quite often. The new 12” Nail Puller from Milwaukee aims to make this task a bit easier with its SMOOTHPULL™ high-leverage head. It also features precision-machined claws for a better grip on hard-to-reach nails. As a guy who’s certainly had to pull quite a few nails over his life, I can say that the right tools (like this one) can make an unpleasant task much more bearable. Look for it later this year.

More Info - via Milwaukee

Newly-Redesigned Makita Automotive Website

Makita Automotive Website
Makita Automotive Website: But does it make it easier to find a new 10mm socket?

As part of the 18V LXT cordless product line, Makita manufactures many specialized tools for use in the auto repair trade. Previously, it was a bit tough for automotive professionals to find these specialized tools on the Makita website. However, now, tools in categories like drilling, fastening, cutting, grinding, detailing, and lifestyle have their own special place on the world wide web. Customers will be able to use this site to keep up with upcoming releases, such as specialty vacuums, grease guns, precision impact wrenches, wide-ranging LED lighting options, and much more. It’s live now – check it out via the link below.

More Info - via Makita

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