Introducing Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP – Even More Compact! Same 18V Compatibility!

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Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP

Ask tradespeople what they want most out of a cordless power tool and you’ll hear lots of dreamy musings like “high performance in a smaller, lighter package” and “compatibility with the batteries I already have”. Ryobi did ask. And they listened. We just stepped out of a super secret webinar unveiling a new compact-er tool lineup: ONE+ HP; including 6 sweet tools (with another handful or more already waiting in the wings). They’re brushless, even smaller than most current compacts and, best of all, fully compatible with all Ryobi 18V battery packs. Come sneak in the back door with us as we take a gander at the new Ryobi ONE+ HP lineup! And if anyone asks, we’re with the caterers.

18V ONE+ HP – An Intriguing “New Platform”

Ryobi ONE+ HP Launch Lineup
Ryobi introduced the first six ONE+ HP tools during the webinar. They also teased us by saying there are more tools to be announced (hence the mocked up shrouded mound at the back of the table). We don’t know what they might be, but we’re eager to find out! Photo – Ryobi webinar screenshot

ONE+ HP is a new sub-compact tool series that’s fully compatible with all of the 18V Ryobi batteries you may already have in your shop. So even though most of the tools will also be offered as kits – with two 1.5 Ah batteries and a charger – you can opt to buy just the bare tools if you’d rather not pay for extra stuff you don’t need.

Work Overhead Or In Tight Quarters With Greater Ease And Less Fatigue

New Ryobi 18V ONE+ 1.6Ah battery pack
Ryobi took to heart that many of us have long wished for ALL 18V ONE+ batteries to have built-in fuel gauges (rather than only the larger ones) and announced that from now on, all new 18V battery packs will incorporate a nice, over-sized charge indicator! Yes! Here’s the new 1.5Ah pack. Photo – Ryobi

The new ONE+ HP (High Performance) series tools are in addition to the existing 175+ tools in the Ryobi 18V ONE+ lineup; they are not replacing those tools. So if you need a bigger, more powerful tool, rest assured those aren’t going anywhere. But if you’re looking for lighter, more compact 18V tools that can meet or exceed reasonable standards, the ONE+ HP series is something you’re going to want to keep a close eye on.

We haven’t had a chance to get our hands on any of these beauties yet. What we saw in the presentation, however, definitely got our attention. And you can bet that as soon as we do try them for ourselves we will share the experience with you right here at Home Fixated.

And They’re Off – 18V ONE+ HP 1/2” Drill/Driver

18V ONE+ HP drill/driver
Sure enough, the first tool to be discussed is a compact drill/driver. But that’s not a bad thing. Photo – Ryobi

We went into this thing not knowing what to expect. Construction tools? Lawn and garden tools? A line of electronic test equipment? Russian nesting saws? But we did know one thing: if your life ever depends on your taking a wild guess at what might be included in some random power tool platform launch, “drill/driver” is sure to see you living to a ripe old age.

ONE+ HP drill/driver
This is one handsome fella. The specs are pretty attractive too. Photo – Ryobi

If some poor soul has only a single power tool to their name (GASP!!! Oh, the humanity!), it’s most likely a drill or drill/driver. We’d almost consider it an essential tool. Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ HP 1/2” drill/driver is lighter and more compact than a lot of what’s out there. At 6.4” in length, it’s 30% smaller and 20% lighter than Ryobi’s own brushed version. Yet it has all the features you’d expect from a more traditional model.

* 1/2” ratcheting chuck
* 2-speed gear box (0-450 / 0-1,700 RPM)
* 24-position clutch ring
* 400 in-lbs. of torque
* LED light
* Brushless motor
* 3-year warranty

MSRP $129 (For a kit including (2) 1.5Ah batteries, charger & tool bag. Also available as a bare tool.)

18V ONE+ HP 3/8” Right Angle Drill – The Right Tool For A Tight Job

Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Right Angle Drill
We can’t say we were expecting this one. But we’re certainly not disappointed. Photo – Ryobi

Next up was a compact right angle drill designed to work in the tightest spaces. According to Ryobi, it is the industry’s most compact right angle drill (pretty cool, huh?). It measures only 3.6” deep; and almost half of that is the chuck!

It has a large paddle switch, something that comes in handy when tight spaces force you to adjust your grip. And it appears to be reversible, making it perfect for running 1/4” screwdriver bits in situations where you need a stubby but just can’t get your hand in there.

Drilling studs with Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP 3/8" right angle drill.
Paddle bit busting right through a stud. In the webinar, the presenter easily drilled through a double stud with what looked to be a 3/4” or 1″ spade bit (they didn’t say). Photo – Ryobi

* 3/8” chuck
* Most compact of its kind
* 2-speed gear box (0-450 / 0-1,700 RPM)
* Up to 350 in-lbs. of torque (2x that of their previous right angle drill!)
* LED light
* Brushless motor
* 3-year warranty

MSRP $99 (Bare tool only)

18V ONE+ HP 1/4” Impact Driver – Small But Mighty

Ryobi ONE+ HP Impact Driver.
Ryobi ONE+ HP Impact Driver. Photo – Ryobi

As with the rest of the ONE+ HP series, this one is smaller and lighter than its brushed counter-part. And like the drill/driver, it’s a predictable – yet welcome – part of the lineup. If a drill/driver is the most “must have” power tool, an impact driver may very well rank second.

ONE+ HP 1/4" impact driver
If you’ve never used an impact driver, trust us; it will change your life. Photo – Ryobi

* Compact length of just 5.3”
* 1/4” hex collet w/ one-handed release
* Up to 3,800 IPM (Impacts Per Minute)
* 0-2,900 RPM
* Up to 1,700 in-lbs. of torque
* LED light
* Brushless motor
* 3-year warranty

The presentation showed the impact driver sinking 211 2” deck screws with one charge of a 1.5Ah battery, which was notably better than the brushed and brushless competitors they compared it to (given the battery size).

MSRP $129 (For a kit including (2) 1.5Ah batteries, charger & tool bag. Also available as a bare tool.)

18V ONE+ HP One-Handed Recip Saw – We Came. We Saw. We Liked!

Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP one-handed reciprocating saw
The one-handed reciprocating saw looks similar to those offered by some other brands. Photo – Ryobi

The one-handed recip saw measures 13” in length and features an adjustable pivoting shoe for less vibration and better control over blade depth. It also has a quick blade release. If you need to replace a blazing hot blade, just hold the tool vertically, flip the release lever and the blade drops right out. Ryobi says the saw is 31% more compact and 24% lighter than their brushed version. And there’s a secondary hand location for when you need better control.

ONE+ HP one-handed recip saw
An adjustable depth shoe lets you do this without poking through the other side of the wall. Photo – Ryobi

* 0-3,000 SPM (Strokes Per Minute)
* 5/8” stroke
* Pivoting, adjustable depth shoe
* Quick release blade holder
* One wood cutting blade included
* LED light
* Brushless motor
* 3-year warranty

Cutting EMT conduit with the Ryobi ONE+ HP recip saw
With the right blade, you can cut through many different materials, including PVC pipe, EMT pipe, 2×4’s, tree limbs, etc… Photo – Ryobi webinar screenshot

MSRP $99 (For bare tool, available at The Home Depot. Kits will be available online.)

4-Mode 3/8” Impact Wrench – Big Things Can Come In Little Packages

Ryobi 4-Mode 18V ONE+ HP Impact Wrench.
Ryobi 4-Mode 3/8″ 18V ONE+ HP Impact Wrench. Photo – Ryobi

What we’ve seen so far has been impressive, but here’s where things really started to get interesting. For this reviewer, the last two tools are truly special and have the most potential to set the HP series apart from the rest of the compact tool market.

When you think of compact 18V tools, engine repair and tire changes probably don’t come to mind. But this mere 5.4” long impact wrench is capable of outputting up to 160 ft-lbs. of torque. Not only does it have the brawn you need, but it has the brains to back it up, featuring a unique auto(matic) mode that prevents over-tightening and uncontrolled removal of fasteners.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP 4-Mode 3/8” impact wrench
This little impact wrench can handle some pretty demanding tasks, such as heavy lag bolts and automotive lug nuts. Photo – Ryobi

* Up to 160 ft-lbs. of torque
* 3 speeds + auto mode for better control
* Variable speed trigger
* 0-2,900 RPM
* Up to 3,900 IPM (Impacts Per Minute)
* 3/8” anvil with friction ring for quick, easy socket changes and retention
* LED light
* Brushless motor
* 3-year warranty

ONE+ HP 4-mode 3/8" impact wrench
We have a feeling automotive repair techs are going to love this tool. Photo – Ryobi

In auto mode, this compact Ryobi impact wrench runs at full speed, but then stops once the fastener tightens up so you manually set full tension with a proper torque wrench. When removing, auto mode stops the driver once the fastener is loose. This allows you to spin the bolt/nut off by hand so you don’t drop it under the vehicle. Or worse, lose it forever to the black hole of an engine compartment.

MSRP $119 (Bare tool, in store. Kit available online.)

Ryobi ONE+ HP 3” Cut-Off Tool – It’s Reversible!

Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP compact multi-material cut-off tool
Compact multi-material cut-off tool. Photo – Ryobi

As if the compact right angle drill and 3/8” impact wrench weren’t enough, Ryobi went and hit us with a 3” cut-off tool. Wow, wasn’t expecting that! One particularly intriguing feature is that it’s reversible, letting you to cut in either direction without the tool climbing and taking off on you.

Versatile cut-off tool
The cut-off tool comes with 3 different blades, so you’re all set to cut lots of different materials, right out of the box. Photo – Ryobi

With this type of tool (and rotary saws in general), the arbor bolt is usually threaded so that the rotation of the arbor torques the bolt in the tightening direction; that way inertial forces can never work it loose. We don’t know how they addressed this to permit a reverse mode, but we’re eager to find out!

ONE+ HP 3" cut-off tool
Cut threaded rod, diamond plate, tile, vinyl and PVC siding, 1/4” sheet steel, wire shelving, cement board, drywall, plastic and more. Photo – Ryobi

* Includes 3 blades/wheels
* Reversible
* Up to 19,500 RPM
* Only 8-1/2” long
* Adjustable guard
* Wire base shoe
* Onboard hex wrench storage
* 2 LED lights to light both forward and reverse directions
* Brushless motor
* 3-year warranty

MSRP $99 (Bare tool, including metal cut-off wheel, carbide abrasive blade and a diamond tile blade.)

Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Series – Compact, Light, And Much More To Come

Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP launch lineup.
Ryobi sub-compact, brushless 18V ONE+ HP series launch lineup.

So there you go; the new ONE+ HP lineup has started off with some strong entries and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. The Ryobi ONE+ HP series is exclusive to The Home Depot. The launch lineup will be available online around the middle of this month (Aug 2020) and in stores by early September.

Learn more about Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP compact, brushless tools:

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    Do they make more money in forcing people to keep buying replacement batteries and hence have no incentive to fix the problem?

    • I have one of those batteries that won’t charge anymore. Battery Outfitters said no one can work on the lithium batteries because it is not safe. They can overheat and catch fire. No place to recycle locally so a replacement will have to be purchased. A nickel cadmium battery would be safer.


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