Tool News Nirvana – Milwaukee’s New Drivers and M12 FUEL 5/8 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer, Klein Splinter Guard Fish and Glow Rods, and Free Tool Giveaways!

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homefixated-tool-news-nirvanaWelcome to the April 2013 “Southern Fried” edition of Tool News Nirvana – your source for the newest, coolest, and crispiest tools in cyberspace – and all loaded with an extra helping of gravy. This month’s TNN features deep fried hand tools from Milwaukee as well as their new extra crispy 5/8-in. rotary hammer. Don’t fill up on too many side dishes of fried okra, hushpuppies and Klein’s Splinter Guard Fish and Glow Rods. Plus, we’ve also got two free tool giveaways to sweeten this TNN better than a jug of ice cold sweet tea and a fresh cut slice of apple pie. The Milwaukee M12 FUEL ¼” Hex 2-speed Screwdriver comes from our good friend Rob Robillard over at The Concord Carpenter – as well as the new Senco DS215 18V Collated Screwdriver from yours truly – Home Fixated. So sit down at the table, loosen your belt buckle a few notches and enjoy an extra helping of this fine fried cuisine we call Tool News Nirvana. Would you like some hot sauce with those grits?

Milwaukee Brings the Main Course – Drivers Galore!

How can you screw up quick-chiseling now?
How can you screw up quick-chiseling now?

Milwaukee’s been well recognized as one of the leading power tool manufacturers on the planet. But they aren’t really that well known for their extensive line of hand tools. So they’ve been aggressively pursuing to change that image as of late, and their new line of fastening tools is certainly helping do the trick. With a new nut driver set, a 10-in-1 multi bit driver set, Hex/Torx key drivers and demolition screwdrivers; you can bet that Milwaukee’s hand tools are going to be more famous than a Paula Deen recipe for fried chicken.

The Milwaukee 4PC SAE Nut Drivers feature a 3” hollow shaft design that allows you to tighten/loosen long bolts and threaded rods with ease. And with wrench-ready chrome plated shanks, you can be sure they’re going to last a lot longer than a plate of pit barbecue at the state fair.

Milwaukee’s also brought a huge helping of 10-in-1 Multi Bit and Key Drivers to make sure you get your fair share of hand tool technology. Product manager Ryan Schwoegler has this to say about the 10-in-1:

10-in-1 times the screwdriver fun!
10-in-1 times the screwdriver fun!
” Milwaukee’s new line of 10-in-1 Multi Bit Drivers are the result of a user focused research process aimed at solving common jobsite frustrations. Users expressed a clear dissatisfaction with the lack of power tool compatibility with the ball-detent bits found in traditional multi-bit drivers. Milwaukee’s power groove bits found in the 10-in-1 lineup provide a versatile jobsite solution while creating a better user experience for Hex and Torx Key users.”

No more "shocking" revelations that the breaker panel is still on.
No more “shocking” revelations that the breaker panel is still on.

Electricians shouldn’t feel left out of the loop with their line of UL Classified 1000V Insulated Screwdriver line. They are ASTM, NFPA and IEC tested, so the only thing shocking about these well-insulated screwdrivers is how good they look.

We particularly like Milwaukee’s Demolition Screwdrivers. These solid screwdrivers have a steel cap on the back so you can strike it with a hammer when you’re using your screwdriver as a pseudo-chisel/prybar. It even works well for stirring a mess of beans and greens (totally untested but we’re willing to try Milwaukee). Look for all of these cool hand tools coming to a Milwaukee dealer near you in May. Learn more about them over at the Milwaukee website.

Leave room for more! Milwaukee also recently launched the new M12 FUEL 5/8-in. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer. Drill holes up to 5/8-in. through concrete and masonry using this powerful battery powered rotary hammer drill. At only 10” long and less than four pounds, it provides up to 6,200 BPM’s at up to 900 RPM’s for the ultimate in battery powered hole drilling fun. And combined with a state of the art POWERSTATE motor and REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 battery pack, you’re sure to get plenty of hole drilling time with less noise and heat than a creole kitchen during Mardi Gras.

Klein Brings the Sides with Splinter Free Designs

Go fishing for wire splinter (and tear) free.
Go fishing for wire splinter-(and tear)-free.

Just when you thought you were slap full of southern fried tools, Klein brings in the side dishes with their new line of fish and glow rods. Using conventional fiberglass fish rods to pull wires through drop ceilings, behind walls or through conduit can be as painful as a triple bypass surgery after a lifetime of pulled pork. Splinters from inferior fiberglass rods can not only get painfully lodged in your fingers and hands, they can also get hung up on building materials during the pull. Klein’s fish and glow rods are designed to be splinter-free, so you can put away the gloves. You’ll get total control of the job so you can eat up the wire like Elvis eats up peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

A Concord Carpenter and Home Fixated Bring the Dessert with Free Tools from Milwaukee and Senco

Wicked free tools from A Concord Carpenter!
Wicked free tools from A Concord Carpenter!

No southern fried meal is complete without desert! Enjoy a big scoop of free tools from our friend Rob Robillard over at A Concord Carpenter and a second helping of free tool a’ la mode from Home Fixated. Rob is giving away Milwaukee’s M12 FUEL ¼” Hex 2-speed Screwdriver, and that’s one sweet treat indeed. Visit A Concord Carpenter for your chance to enter this awesome driver giveaway.

Win Senco!
Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles! Swing on over to the free stuff giveaway page and enter for your chance to win Senco’s new DS215 Collated Screwdriver! You can also enter our monthly tool giveaway just by posting a useful and/or hilarious comment on any article on our site, or, subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already. It’s just that easy to get your desert and eat it too. Bon appetite!

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4 thoughts on “Tool News Nirvana – Milwaukee’s New Drivers and M12 FUEL 5/8 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer, Klein Splinter Guard Fish and Glow Rods, and Free Tool Giveaways!”

  1. My husband could really use the 10-in-1 Multi Bit and Key Drivers! Fixing my 3 year old son’s toys and all the little projects around the house he has yet to finish. I guess he could use it at work too but I have no idea what he uses there haha. I think I will reading more articles to learn more about tools.

  2. I love the demolition screwdriver idea. When I was in the field as an electrican, we always carried an extra (older) screwdriver in our pouch, lovingly referred to as a “beater” . We’d smack the stuffing out of them with our linesman’s pliers until the handles were a splintered, unusable mess of fractured plastic. Oddly, I don’t recall any instances of bean stirring.


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