The Latest Milwaukee String Trimmer – Be King or Queen of the Spring

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Milwaukee String Trimmer

Even though we’re all currently wallowing our way out of the winter doldrums, it’s never too early to start thinking of spring. Ah, spring – when we no longer have to wear 8 layers to go outside. When the trees release prodigious quantities of allergy-wrecking pollen. When all the snow melts, leading to what Northeasterners refer to as “mud season”. When the grass grows tall once again. With the new Milwaukee String Trimmer, you can at least be prepared for all of the new growth. We’ll learn all about it in this installment of Tool News Nirvana.

Milwaukee String Trimmer: Cut More, Cordlessly

Milwaukee String Trimmer
Milwaukee 2828-21: Your weeds never really stood a chance

The boys and girls in red from Wisconsin have been in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) market for a little while now. Products like the HATCHET™ 6″ Pruning Saw (review coming soon!), the Milwaukee Quik Lok system, and the SWITCH TANK™ 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer have been taming backyards effectively. They’ve also previously released a M18 chainsaw, a hedge trimmer, a blower, and a 1st-gen string trimmer.

The new Model 2828-20 Brushless String Trimmer adds more weed-whacking power to your arsenal. With 2” more clearing diameter than its predecessor (16” vs. 14”), it’s now easier and quicker to get your yard maintenance task done. Additionally, the larger brushless motor delivers more power, allowing you to munch through the tallest grass like the majestic antelope you really are.

Milwaukee String Trimmer
Milwaukee String Trimmer

The #2828 Milwaukee String Trimmer features a 2-speed control for efficiency. REDLINK™ Intelligence continuously monitors the flow of power through the tool, optimizing performance. As it’s on the M18 battery platform, this tool also shares compatibility with over 200 other Milwaukee M18 tools.

Milwaukee String Trimmer
Outsized power for oversized lawns

Milwaukee String Trimmer – Cut Cordlessly

In a nod to a better user experience, the #2828 has an easy-load trimmer head. This feature allows users to quickly reload the trimmer line without disassembling the head. On that note, it can use either .080” or .095” trimmer line. This adaptability is nice – now you can send your spouse to the home center and there’s at least an 80% chance that they’ll return with the right sized string. Everybody wins!

Milwaukee String Trimmer
Milwaukee 2828: String reloads quick enough to make a cowboy blush

The #2828 String Trimmer is available for pre-order now, and will come either bare or kitted with a battery and charger.

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