Northern Industrial Rechargeable 27 LED Worklight: The Force Is Strong

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Northern_Industrial_LED_WorklightLet’s get the obvious (to me) out of the way: Yes, you do feel a bit like a Jedi holding a stubby lightsaber with the Northern Industrial Rechargeable 27 LED Worklight. And that is awesome. But before you go nuts and create your own Star Wars Kid video, you may want to think about why you shouldn’t bandy this light around so recklessly. The fact is, it’s an excellent tool to have, so it’s best to keep it safe (plus, you know you’re going to be mocked if that video ever sees the light of YouTube – so just don’t).

We like the Northern Industrial Rechargeable 27 LED Worklight for several reasons:

  • It’s bright. You’ll be surprised just how much light this little guy can generate. With 27 LED bulbs packed into it, this 110 Volt light can illuminate a crawl space, attic, the underside of your car or even a nice portion of the woods if you’re out camping.
  • It’s light and little. The worklight measures 16” x 3” x 3”, making it slim enough to fit into or under a lot of tight spaces where light is often most needed.
  • It features a handy little hook at the top which is great if you need to hang it up while you work. This also lets if fit nicely under you hood if you need to do some auto work.
  • It can be used cordless, making it super portable, and even works when you plug it in to recharge the lights.
  • Both a 110V and a 12V charger are included. The 12V charger (the type that fits into your car’s cigarette lighter … or at least, what we used to use for a cigarette lighter) is especially handy if you’re using the worklight as an emergency light for traveling.
  • And of course – you can play Star Wars with it. It’s more durable that I let on earlier – so, yah, go nuts.

The Northern Industrial Rechargeable 27 LED Worklight is available at for a whole $19.99. All reviews of the worklight we’ve seen have been glowing (no pun intended).

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1 thought on “Northern Industrial Rechargeable 27 LED Worklight: The Force Is Strong”

  1. Another great feature of LEDs are their energy efficiency. Also, they create a wider light spectrum than incandescents or fluorescents. I bet this would be a winner for spelunking!


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