Less Water With Your Waste: One2Flush

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One2FlushAs more and more people become concerned with saving money and / or saving the environment, it only makes sense that water conservation has our attention. In traditional toilets, there’s just one style of flush, regardless of your, um, business. The amount of water used in each flush doesn’t change. As it turns out, you don’t actually need all that water for every … err, transaction.

The makers of One2Flush have thought of this and created a simple conversion kit that lets you choose the style of flush you needed each time the toilet is in use. With this dual valve flush system, you can choose a “half flush” for your liquid waste and a “full flush” for your solid waste (I don’t have to explain what those are, right?). By only using full flushes when you really need to, you’ll use less water and your bills will show the difference.

To get a good sense of the product, we suggest that you watch the installation video. Not only will you better understand the One2Flush and how easy it really is to place in your existing toilet, you get the colorful commentary of the installer. At one point, our friendly neighborhood One2Flush installer comments on all the “interesting” things you find when you’re disassembling a toilet. He refers to these interesting items and “mange.” I believe the word he was really looking for was “merde.”

In any case, One2Flush may be what your toilet’s missing. It’s available at a number of retailers and online at BeingWater.com for $29.95.

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5 thoughts on “Less Water With Your Waste: One2Flush”

  1. I have the HydroRight version of this. It’s about half the price of the one2flush and seems to have pretty good reviews from others. I haven’t compared the two though. Maybe it’s something you can do in a future post. Amazon link for the HydroRight: http://amzn.to/ijuHbc

  2. #1 may well be the most popular use for the toilet, at least in terms of frequency of use. However I must say that #2 is my favorite use for the toilet.

    I’m happy to do a #1 pretty much anywhere (bush, tree, behind a shed), but I far prefer doing a #2 on the toilet to anywhere else.

  3. This style of dual flush is pretty common in other parts of the world where water is scarcer. It’s about time they became available here. This really ought to be standard on every toilet.


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