Outdoor Shower Options For Gilligan Fans And Beyond

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As a kid, I adored Gilligan’s Island. Beside goofy Gilligan and handsome Professor, the things I liked best were the “modern conveniences” that the gang put together with bamboo and coconuts. The bicycle, the radio, there was even a bamboo car!  But of all the things that got my childhood imagination fired up, it was their outdoor shower.

Oh, how I longed for an outdoor shower. It looked so cute and refreshing. The fact that I lived in northern Canada, a place where an outdoor shower would be a miserable experience 10 months of a year, somehow didn’t sink into my weird fantasy. What can I say, I wasn’t the sharpest hockey skate on the rink.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, an outdoor shower makes a lot of sense. Rinsing off outside after a dip in the chlorine is often more convenient and puddle-free than stomping into the house. Here are a few coconut-free ideas for outdoor showers:

Solar Heated Outdoor Shower From Sunny Solar.  Portable, affordable and energy efficient, the Solar Heated Outdoor Shower produces 16 gallons of warm water after just two hours of sunlight exposure with the potential to have up to eight consecutive showers. Available for just $180 at Amazon.

Teak Outdoor Shower.  This 89” beach-worthy outdoor shower simply hooks up to your garden hose. Hope you like your showers cold! At least it’s Gilligan-esque (you can tell yourself). Two faucets (one overhead, one for feet) gives the user options. Available at Goldenteak for $472.77.

Aqua Brass 41035 Coleman 1/2" Thermo Stainless Steel Shower Column. Going for a super sleek designer look? Have the budget to match your tastes? This shower column, once connected to proper plumbing, can be the jewel in the center of a tiled outdoor escape. It includes a hand shower with a flexible hose, great for rinsing off feet. Available for $2376.50 at eFaucet.

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