Owens Curved Top Tool Box is EXTREME

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Sales copy cracks me up. The marketing for Owens Curved Top Tool Boxes is no different. The capitalization and bolding is theirs:

Can you handle the EXTREME? Why buy a box that looks like every other box in the country? Be the first to go EXTREME!

Anyone else read that in Hulk Hogan’s voice and suddenly crave an energy drink? If you did, brother, you’re not alone.

The EXTREME tool box being promoted isn’t the type your everyday handyman carries, whistling to the garage. This puppy gets installed in the back of your manly, man pickup truck.

If you take your tools site to site or if you don’t have a garage and want to store your gear in a tough container, the Owens Curved Top Tool Box may be for you. Here are the details, stolen directly from the Owens Products website:

  • Styles fit many different pick-up trucks. See here for the type based on truck model
  • The measurements of Extreme Owens Curved Top Tool Box have several dimensions, so it’s best to look at their chart for an idea of the size
  • These tool boxes feature sturdy, automotive grade struts that are protected to allow for problem-free lid operation
  • Built-in side pockets for convenient storage of small items
  • Owens Curved Top Tool Box’s rotary-style, push button latches offer security. Buttons are conveniently located on ends
  • Premium, automotive grade, bulb style gasket keeps the inside safe from inclement weather
  • Heavy-duty aluminum tray won’t sag like composite trays, and it features a handle for easy portability
  • Bottom of tray has rubber gasket to resist sliding
  • Just a warning: If you’re prone to wearing shorts, don’t sit on the Owens Curved Top Tool Box if your truck has been sitting out in the hot sun all day. If you do, you’ll experience an EXTREME searing pain on the back of your thighs. Not cool.

    Owens Curved Top Tool Boxes, Extreme Style, range in price from $400 to $800. It’s best to contact Owens Products directly for a quote.

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