Saniflo: It’s What Your Bedroom’s Missing

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Oh, late night TV, you are a savior to a writer. Recently, I saw an infomercial for a product called Saniflo – and boy did it get those HomeFixated writing juices flowing. That sentence will become much grosser once you find out what the actual product is and does.

Saniflo – the toilet that you install wherever you want – is coming to a bedroom near you. Take a look for yourself:

The Saniflo is essentially a maceration system. What’s that, you say? It’s like a pump meets blender. It sucks the waste in, grinds it into a pulp and sends it on its way. By turning things that were once solid into soup (a recipe we’ll gladly pass on), the waste can travel more easily through plumbing. To get water, you can connect this contraption to a nearby water source (like the plumbing attached to your sink) rather than having to rough out separate toilet plumbing. To usher the waste soup out, the maceration pump connects out to your sewer system or septic tank. In the video, the “pipes” look like old-school vacuum hoses – just the kind of thing everyone would like to trip over in the bedroom late at night.

Saniflo started off in Europe, has made it’s way to Canada and now can be purchased at Watch out America, it and SOCIALISM is headed your way! You’ll likely want to consult your local building code before “diving in” to one of these. There are a few options available – just buying the pump separately or buying a complete Saniflo SaniPlus-Round SaniPlus Macerator Toilet with Round Bowl. Depending on what you go for, it can set you back between $600 and $800.

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2 thoughts on “Saniflo: It’s What Your Bedroom’s Missing”

  1. I’ve got one of these in my basement – it does work pretty well, but I wouldn’t have one in my bedroom – its WAY too noisy for that. Think of normal flush sounds but then add a grinder/pump into the mix.


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