Smugness & Sunshine are Yours with the Paraline Mono Folding Clothesline

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paraline_solo_clothesline(Just me, or does that picture look like it came straight out of a Showcase Showdown presentation on The Price is Right? Anyway …)

Hanging your clothes to dry on an outdoor clothesline is oh-so Americana. Realizing how obnoxious installing a proper clothesline is and giving up is also a long-held tradition, especially among city dwellers with limited yard space.

Still long for the fresh-air dreaminess that is clothes dried in the sun? Or perhaps that smug satisfaction of doing things the green way? If you have a bit of space running along the side of your house, these dreams may indeed still be yours without you having to deal with those cursed metal poles.

The Paraline Mono Folding Clothesline is a pretty good option. Install it along the side of your house, lift it up, hang your clothes and then unhinge it so it lays back along the side of the home when you’re done. The total frame size is 7.2 ft x 5 ft, although the width is customizable. Designed to mount on the wall (indoor as well, if you have the room) a separate ground mount conversion kit can be purchased if you need to switch things up.

(By the way, this isn’t the first time we’ve suggested thinking “alongside the box” – check out our article on gutter gardens!)

This version of the Paraline Folding Clotheslines sells for $112 at A larger version is also available for $185.

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3 thoughts on “Smugness & Sunshine are Yours with the Paraline Mono Folding Clothesline”

  1. Wow… that’s… just, wow. That’s hideous. It’s the odd combination of expensive yet looks like something that Bubba made in his garage to attach to his double-wide.

    That said, I guess it is “green”, strictly speaking.

    You’re right, Jen. That pic is totally showcase showdown – of my nightmares. 🙂



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