Say, That’s a Purdy-Looking Paintbrush Son

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purdy-paint-rollerIf you do any amount of painting, you’ve probably used or at least seen paint brushes, rollers and other paint products made by Purdy Corporation. For some reason, whenever I hear the word “Purdy”, I picture a lecherous hillbilly eye-balling the brush and telling me it’s “Purdy”. Insert Deliverance soundtrack here. Since the Purdy name is simply a family name, I think I’ll need to get over it. Despite my weird issues related to the name, I like Purdy paint products.

Not too long ago, I made the mistake of buying an off-brand roller cover (a big box store “special brand”), and it shed more than a Siberian Husky sprinting through Death Valley CA in late August. I don’t know about you, but I like my paint applied without it looking like a fuzzy animal got caught in the wet paint and died. Since then, I’ve stuck with Purdy’s rollers, which I find to be well made and less prone to mass-shedding.

One of Purdy’s most popular roller covers, the White Dove™ series, is billed as the “Industry’s Most Lint Free.” The White Dove rollers are for use with all paints and exterior stains, especially where a smooth, not-so-linty finish is desired. These rollers also use high density acrylic fiber, capable of carrying large quantity of paint for improved efficiency and productivity. Improved efficiency is music to my ears (just not Deliverance music), since most times I’m painting I hope to be done asap.

Purdy makes great brushes too, with a whole line-up of specialized bristles depending on what you’re doing. Check out Purdy paint brushes and rollers here, and you can find them at most major home improvement retailers and paint stores. You can also get a painting-meets-Las-Vegas-slots online experience at this Purdy promotional site, and get the details on a $3 mail in rebates on Purdy paint brushes and rollers.

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2 thoughts on “Say, That’s a Purdy-Looking Paintbrush Son”

  1. Purdy is a local company here in Portland, they still make them by hand in the US. I love the brushes, I have learned that Painting is one area that you don’t cut corners. It pays to pay, I never thought that I would ever spend $20 on a paint brush. Worth every penny. On the other hand, With rollers, with shedding I usually have done the masking tape trick wrap the roller with blue tape or masking to pick up the strays. I found something that is even better, I am hard pressed to pick up any lint or fibers since I switched to Microfiber rollers, awesome stuff, they hold more paint, reduced splatter and drips, better delivery fewer lap lines. Super smooth finish. Reasonable priced as well.


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