Help Nail the Cure for Breast Cancer With Paslode Tool Graffiti

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In an effort to promote breast cancer awareness, Paslode has released a “Let’s Nail the Cure” Tool Graffiti for the Paslode Fuel Powered Cordless Framing Nailer IMCT, Model 900420. Yup, you read that right. Paslode is offering a decal kit for your nail gun with 25 percent of the proceeds to be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Normally we like to poke a little fun at the topics we discuss here, but frankly, breast cancer really isn’t funny in any way. A pink framing nailer is pretty funny though. I don’t think I need to bother poking any fun at that, since I suspect there are probably a few framing crews out there that might poke a little fun at a pimped-out pink framing gun.

But if you’re man or woman enough to bring a pink framing nailer to the job, I’m pretty sure you’re tough enough to ward off any unsophisticated comments that might come your way. As someone who has experienced the loss of loved ones to breast cancer, I know firsthand you don’t have to look far to find others effected by what can be a devastating disease. I think it’s great that companies like Paslode are coming up with creative approaches to raise awareness and funding for the fight against breast cancer.

“These decals or Skins fit right on the body of the tool,” said Betsy Shaw, “and with literally thousands of Paslode Cordless Framing Nailers in use across the country today, we hope to help increase awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and help nail a cure.” Paslode also makes three other decal kit designs (flames, a patriotic eagle and a skull/crossbones/hardhat) for those of you not interested in fighting cancer or supporting a great cause like Susan G Komen for the Cure. Really, if being macho is that important to you, by all means get that tough looking flame set. No guilt. Really. Fine, just buy the breast cancer set, OK? There are plenty of other places you can still express how tough, patriotic and flame-loving you are. “Let’s Nail the Cure” Tool Graffiti sells for $7.99 each and is available now, at and at

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