Don’t Breathe The Yellow Snow With PollenTEC Screens

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PollenTEC_screenIn the southern states, the pollen can be so bad that it’s sometimes referred to as “yellow snow” (up north, “yellow snow” means something completely different – either way, it’s unpleasant). If you had even mild pollen allergies, these times of heavy pollen action would be hell on your eyes, nose and throat. Unfortunately, staying indoors wouldn’t necessarily save you from it – pollen has a way of getting in, especially if you like to keep your windows open on a warm day. The alternative is shutting up your home and cranking up the AC – which can lead to higher bills and sore throats.

This is where products like PollenTEC can make life easier for allergy suffers. These screens – which can be made to fit windows and doors of nearly any size – are specifically designed to keep airborne pollen out while allowing you to still enjoy fresh air.

The PollenTEC screens are made with 100% polyester and their holes are much smaller than regular screens – yet somehow, visibility it still pretty good through them and nice breezes can still make their way in.

While the installation of PollenTEC screens is just like that of a regular screen, the price is … not. A 24″ x 50′ roll will work out to $365 while a 48” x 50’ roll of the screen will set you back $730 (that’s about three times the price of regular screens). The silver lining is that if you’ve been shovelling money toward air conditioning when you could just be opening a window, the savings may be worth it.

Take a look at PollenTEC’s website to learn more!

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