Man Up With The Husqvarna Chain Saw Model 240e

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husqvarna_240e_chainsawHas the summer seen you eating far too much frozen yoghurts and you could now use an injection of gritty ruggedness?

Nothing really revs up the testosterone like starting a chainsaw and cutting something down with it (which is perhaps why Monty Python’s “Lumberjack Song” – which challenges this concept – is still a classic).

So with that in mind, manny manliness is yours with the Husqvarna Chain Saw #240e. Last minute summer tree clearing or preparations for the incoming fall and winter (getting those firewood logs chopped and ready to go) are also great reasons to pick this bad boy up.

This particular tool has a 16” bar, which places it as a “medium” in the world of chain saws and is considered good for the home renoer, handyman and occasional landscaper, but a little wimpy for Texas Chainsaw Massacre types. It weighs 10.4 lbs, has an engine displacement of 36cc and runs off of gasoline but is still considered low-emission. Reviews have praised the Husqvarna Chain Saw Model 240e for its easy and consistent starter, fast speed and vibration isolation at the handles.

There’s been very few complaints about this tool – but small rumblings about the need to use a screwdriver in order to access the chain saw’s air filter and sparkplug have been uttered.

The husky, husky Husqvarna Chain Saw — 38cc, 16in. Bar, Model# 240e-16in. can be yours for $220 online.

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