Rake N Hoe, Your Weed Warrior

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There you were, casually admiring your garden, when suddenly, you spot them! “Them” meaning weeds! Before you go foolishly selecting multiple tools from your shed, try grabbing a Rake N Hoe from Kaizen Garden. The Rake N Hoe combines two tools into one. You’ll never guess which two! What’s that?! Wow! How did you know it combines a rake and a hoe?!

It’s one of those simple “why didn’t I think of that” designs that melds the usefulness of two basic tools into a piece of garden tool weaponry synergy. The synergy comes from not having to switch between tools. Rather than having to find, pick-up and then use the other tool every few seconds/minutes, a split-second 180 degree rotation has you magically wielding a new gardening weapon. And no matter how much you like gardening, I’m pretty sure you still don’t like weeding.

The only down-side we see with the Rake N Hoe is that’s it’s not made from super beefy steel. So if your garden beds are more like concrete than soil, you may still want to reach for your heavy duty hoe. Otherwise, the Rake N Hoe is a speedy alternative well suited to what it’s designed for; the typical garden bed.

The Rake N Hoe will help you mount your surprise assault on those invasionary weeds. That’s right, “invasionary”, you read it here first on Home Fixated! The weeds will be uprooted and raked away before they ever knew what hit them, leaving you free to savor the delectable sweetness of victory. If you’re ready to speed up your next weed counter-assault, we recommend the Rake N Hoe, available for just $20 directly from Kaizen Garden.

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3 thoughts on “Rake N Hoe, Your Weed Warrior”

  1. A Rake-n-Hoe? Seriously, I didn’t know that such a garden tool existed. I still wasn’t sure after your video if you were kidding, but then I clicked over and see you are selling them. I’m still not sure they exist! Care to add on to my hoe collection? (You’ve seen my hoe collection, haven’t you? http://www.tinyurl.com/mdghoe

    (It’s a great video, by the way!)

    • Carol, clearly I should have consulted with you before reviewing the Rake N Hoe! I don’t think I ever would have imagined there is someone as Hoe Fixated as you. ; )
      And to have made you aware of a hoe not in your vast collection is truly an honor! Thanks for reading HomeFixated.com and we hope to hear from you again in the future!


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