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There are some experiences in life that are so exceedingly rare, so unique, that just being in their presence is cause enough to sit back and enjoy the view. Things like the Green Flash during sunset in the Florida Keys. Seeing a tornado in the distance. When your odometer hits exactly 123,456 miles. The rarest thing, though? A brand-new, clean ladder. Think about it, every ladder you’ve ever used has probably been old and caked in an art project of plaster, paint, glue, sawdust, grease, blood, sweat, and tears (definitely tears, especially if you work on old houses as I do). So, I had the distinct pleasure of ripping the shrink-wrap off of this brand-new Werner LEANSAFE® X3 as soon as I brought it home from the shipping depot – and it was a great experience. Werner graciously sent me this LEANSAFE® X3 LDP7306 6′ fiberglass ladder to try out. I’ve used it for a few weeks and here is my assessment.

A Do-All that Really Does It All

werner leansafe
Werner LEANSAFE X3: A-OK as an A-Frame

I do all sorts of work for all sorts of clients. Sometimes it’s minor electrical work, sometimes drywall repairs, heck, sometimes I need roof or attic access. The Werner LEANSAFE® X3 fits my vocation perfectly because it helps me do all of these things well, plus more. The main frame rails are made of fiberglass, making it safer to use around energized circuits. For most interior work, it functions perfectly as a pretty standard 6′ A-frame ladder.

Need quick access on a wall, outside corner, or inside corner? With its rubber feet and unique bumper system, it’s easy to use the LEANSAFE® in lean mode. Need to access a low roof or need to reach higher in a tall interior space? Flip the ladder into extension mode, giving you a 9′ length and 13′ reach height. Simply put, this ladder does a bit of everything really well.

Werner LEANSAFE X3: Corners. Not just for dunces anymore.
leansafe x3
Werner LEANSAFE X3: Lean on me
Leansafe X3
Werner LEANSAFE X3: The leaves in your gutters never really stood a chance, did they?

Favorite Parts of the LEANSAFE® X3

After using this LEANSAFE® X3 for the past few weeks, two things have really emerged as standout features for me.

The weight.
For a multi-function ladder, the X3 is actually pretty light. At an advertised weight of 24.1 pounds, it’s easy to deal with. I haven’t had issues with lifting it onto my vehicle’s roof rack or carrying it up and down flights of stairs. Compare this to one of the so-called aluminum multi-position ladders on the market (you know the type – A-frame, extendable legs, can be fully opened into a straight ladder). An example of one of these with similar specs as this X3 weighs in at almost 28 pounds. Those four pounds may not seem like much, but over the course of a workday they can really add up.

werner leansafe x3
Werner LEANSAFE X3: Hugs more corners than a Formula-1 racecar.

The bumper design.
As discussed earlier in this review, this ladder can be used while leaning against a flat wall, inside corner, or outside corner, in addition to A-frame and extension mode. In order to accommodate these different use scenarios, the engineers at Werner had to get creative. The final design incorporates two bumpers with a gap in between them. The flat sides of the bumpers are used against flat walls, the inside gap is sized to accommodate 90-degree outside wall corners, and the outside edges of the bumpers fit perfectly into 90-degree inside wall corners. The best part? There are magnets built into the bumpers, so there’s always a convenient place to temporarily keep fasteners, etc. Good design!

werner leansafe x3 storage
Werner LEANSAFE X3: Keep screws in your grasp at all times.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Werner LEANSAFE® X3 does everything it’s supposed to do – and it does it well. It’s a great combination of lightweight portability, multi-function ability, and safety. If you are looking to buy one ladder to serve all of your needs, this is definitely worthy of your consideration.

By the time this article goes live, Werner will just have released an aluminum version of the LEANSAFE X3. You’ll get a slightly more svelte frame in lightweight aluminum, which weighs about 2 lbs less than the fiberglass version I’ve reviewed here. For more information, click here:

More Info - via Werner

Shop the fiberglass version here:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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