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What could you do with thousands of pre-Civil War handmade bricks? Better yet, where would you find them once you figure out what to do with them? We here at Home Fixated have discovered just such a place online. It’s called diggerslist. DiggersList is, well, just that, an online digger’s list. Whether you are an artist, builder, antique collector or just all around generic treasure hunter like myself, you should get on DiggersList. If you have building materials of any sort to get rid of; a piece of furniture, door knobs, etc., you should be on DiggersList too. Join us as we introduce you to DiggersList and another online and local resource for scoring salvaged and reclaimed building materials.

reclaimed building materials - bricks
Looking for old bricks? Check diggerslist.com
So many bricks, so little time
Photo – Andrew Malone

DiggersList – A User Friendly Website for Reclaimed Building Materials

I created an account today. It’s free and easy to sign up as a seller and/or buyer, and there doesn’t seem to be any fee involved with using DiggersList to search, buy and sell. Their revenue is generated by targeted ads on their webpages. DiggersList users include a combination of individuals, businesses and non-profits (such as the Habitat For Humanity Re-store). The website is set up so users can do a targeted search by location and type of item (i.e. “Lakewood, Ohio,” “door knobs”) or more general (anything in “the whole wide world”). It’s interesting to see what all is out there and, sometimes, wonder who in the world would be looking for such a thing? Among the more unusual inventory I found available on DiggersList are “Used IBC Food Grade Totes,” a set of antique red and white stable doors, and an antique art nouveau spiral staircase (if only it could fit in my compact car)!


diggerslist product categories are also divided by “Reclaimed Materials,” “Staff Picks,” and “Finds From the Farm”

Product categories include: Vintage, Pavers, Recycled, Retro, Stone, Tile, Wooden, Wrought Iron, Antique, Appliances, Buffets, Door Knobs, Flooring, Furniture, Historic, Lighting, Living, Room, Masonry and Mid Century. Another nice feature is that you can sign up for “wishlist” email and text alerts for those hard to find but much desired items. They also offer three front page categories: Finds from the Farm, Staff Picks and Reclaimed Materials.

reclaimed building materials cast iron
DiggersList offers a wide selection of antique wrought iron rusty gates, furniture and and fixtures.

My Favorite DiggersList Category

As I practiced navigating the website, I kept being drawn back to the “wrought iron” category where I found all manner of rusty ornate antique wrought iron gates, shutter dogs, mid century modern patio furniture and iron chandeliers — swoon! If you are looking for cast iron salvaged building materials, DiggersList should be your first online destination.

reclaimed building materials examples
If you don’t mind weeding through some odd listings – Diggerslist can be a great place to find a treasure for your project

Reclaimed Building Materials are Good for the Environment

If you’ve noticed one theme in this “News Czar’s” posts, it is “be kind to the earth” a caveat to that is, if you are, the earth will be kind back in the form of one-of-a-kind rusty patina antique gates, money-saving salvage finds, and, most importantly, Mother Nature may endure just a little bit longer. I know the lure of bright, shiny and new, however there is nothing quite like the weathered patina of a old Victorian gate.

More Info - via DiggersList

If you are looking for a local resource to donate materials to, or for finding salvaged or reclaimed building materials in-person, check out your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

More Info - via Habitat.org

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