Give Your Home A Vintage Vibe:

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There’s a growing trend nowadays for people to restore the design, décor and layouts of their home to match the decade it was built in. I live in a condo that was constructed in the early 1990s, so the chance of me getting on board with that is about as likely as a Color Me Badd comeback album. That said, I’d be all over it if I lived in a mid-century home. Not sure if it’s the greatness of Mad Men, my obsession with the 50s housewife, or a secret desire to own a mint blue fridge, but I can’t get enough of 1950s and 1960s aesthetics. Sound like you too? We found a site you’ll like!

If you enjoy your befores and afters with a time-warp twist, check out Site owner Pam Keuber provides “your daily dose of mid-century resources, design inspiration, fun finds, and friends passionate about their vintage homes.” The site features visual goodies from post-war 1940s through to 1970s for every room of the house. The website includes real befores and afters of retro-minded home owners, cool online finds and resources, and vintage ads, photo shoots and catalogues.

Some of my personal faves on RetroRenovation include:

Get inspired. Get information. Get some deals! If you enjoy vintage and retro design, let us know! We’d love to hear about your home projects and finds.

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3 thoughts on “Give Your Home A Vintage Vibe:”

  1. Great links! Just went to Palm Springs and there are some nice deals on mid-century furniture in the Thrift Shops there. Go vintage – it lasts longer.


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