Ridgid Subcompact Tools – Outsized Power

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Ridgid Subcompact Tools

A big trend in dwellings over the past few years has been to so-called micro homes. These structures, on average, have square footages totaling less than 300. Themes of minimalism are popular here – with the onus being on the homeowner to simplify their lifestyle to match the space. However, micro-homes still need to be maintained, and it seems kind of silly to use full-size tools to fix a micro-home. Tool companies have noticed this trend toward smaller things, and funneled some development dollars toward more compact tools. Case in point: new Ridgid Subcompact Tools that are in their 18V Brushless lineup. Read on to find out how these small tools can help you complete big projects in your micro (or regular-sized) house.

Ridgid Subcompact Tools – Big Power, Small Size

Ridgid Subcompact Tools
Ridgid Subcompact Tools – 18 Volts of Compact Power

Launching this month will be 2 more compact (get it?) tools for the line of subcompact tools from Ridgid. Included in this release are the #R8711B Subcompact Brushless ½ in. Hammer Drill/Driver, and the #R87028B Subcompact Brushless ½ in. Impact Wrench. Both are on Ridgid’s rapidly expanding 18V battery platform. A key feature for these tools, as with other tools in the Ridgid line, is that they’re covered by the industry’s only lifetime service agreement. Simply register your tool within 90 days of purchase, then enjoy free parts and service for life.

Ridgid Subcompact ½” Hammer Drill/Driver

Ridgid Subcompact Tools
Ridgid Subcompact Tools: R8711 STOP, Hammer Time

With a weight savings of 30% as well as a size reduction of 30% (compared to the full-size Ridgid ½” hammer drill/driver), the #R8711B ½” hammer drill/driver is svelte. That’s not to say there’s a commensurate reduction in power output – there’s not. This tool still delivers 425 in-lbs of torque and has no-load RPM specs of up to 1,700 RPM. There’s also a 24 position clutch for maximum precision when tightening fasteners. You know who could also use a 24 position clutch? Auto manufacturers. I remember the clutch on my first car having only two positions – “slipping” and “burning”. Perhaps that manufacturer should get in touch with Ridgid, as apparently, they’ve got it all figured out.

The #R8711B is available now.

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Subcompact ½” Impact Wrench

Ridgid Subcompact Tools
Ridgid Subcompact Tools R87208: Tighten your world

The second of the two new Ridgid Subcompact tools is the #R87028B ½” Impact Wrench. With up to 225 ft/lbs of breakaway torque and a no-load speed of up to 2,800 RPM, this tool should be perfect for most bolting tasks around the house. Compared to the Ridgid full-sized ½” impact wrench, this one is 45% lighter and 40% smaller. At only 4.31 inches in length, this tool can fit in some pretty tight places.

Like other cordless impact wrenches on the market, the R87028 has three speeds. Additionally, though, it’s got something called an “auto-tightening” mode. This is an option that prevents over-tightening, making it more straightforward to install fasteners correctly.

Ridgid Subcompact Tools
Ridgid Subcompact R87208: 4 ways to impact a fastener

Look for this new impact wrench now.

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