Stay Warm with New Bosch Heated Workwear

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Bosch Heated Workwear

Here we are again – January. In most parts of the country, it’s a similar month to December – cold and dark. However, at least December comes with the perceived warmth of holiday preparation and celebration. January’s just…solemn. At this point of the year, most contractors and other construction professionals have shifted the bulk of their work indoors. Those that haven’t face a Hoth-like, frozen, desolate wasteland outside. Look! Over there! Is that Luke Skywalker riding a Tauntaun? Nope, it’s just Jerry on the skid-steer. Conditions like this demand hi-tech warm clothing like the new Bosch Heated Workwear. We’ll learn all about it in this installment of Tool News Nirvana.

Bosch Heated Workwear – Stay Toasty

Bosch Heated Workwear
Bosch Heated Workwear – Key Features

Bosch recently released two models of heated workwear – a hoodie and a jacket. Both the GHH12V (hoodie) and the GHJ12V (jacket) are powered by Bosh’s popular 12V Max battery platform. Their heating systems come with three heat levels – high, medium, and low. Users can easily adjust these based on how cold their work environment is. Another cool feature of these garments is that they come kitted with a battery and a charger. This means you don’t already have to be on the Bosch battery platform to start using them.

Bosch Heated Workwear
Bosch Heated Workwear: Kitted for comfort

The GHH and GHJ feature three heating zones – two in the chest and one in the lower back. Having heating pads on your lower back is quite nice because of the proximity to your kidneys. The kidneys’ job is to continuously filter your blood, so applying heat here could in theory warm you up pretty effectively.

Bosch Heated Workwear
Bosch Heated Workwear: Keep the warmth in

Boost Yourself and Your Phone

Bosch Heated Workwear
Bosch Heated Workwear: Keeps your phone charged, too

Electronics have certainly grown to have a very prominent role on jobsites. We use our smartphones for many different things – calculations, flashlights, hammering, tool tracking, music, etc. It makes sense, then, why the batteries tend to die fairly quickly out there. Bosch has recognized this problem, and has included a 12V Portable Power Adapter with these jacket kits. So, in addition to keeping yourself warmer, you can also keep your phone charged. This way, you’ll never miss another minute of your favorite podcast.

The GHH12V and GHJ12V are available now for around $150-$200.

Buy GHH12V Now - via Acme Tools

Buy GHJ12V Now - via Acme Tools

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