Rockler Bench Cookie Cones – A Painters Pyramid Alternative

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bench cookie conesOne of the worst parts of painting, staining or finishing can be the torturous delay that often transpires between sides. You paint one side, wait an eternity for it to dry, then flip over the piece to finish the other side and wait another eternity. We’ve long been fans of the Painter’s Pyramid as a means of speeding up the process. You simply apply the finish to the least conspicuous side, carefully place the wet side down on the pyramids, and then finish the top and sides. Boom, no interminable delay. They’re also handy for holding pieces up off the work surface while finishing. Not to be left out of this action, Rockler has recently released Cones for their popular line of Bench Cookies.

The Cones simply fit over any Rockler Bench cookie. They shield the top and provide a point not unlike those on the Painter’s Pyramids. Unlike the Painter’s Pyramid design, the Cones take advantage of the stable and secure footing that Bench Cookies are famous for providing. The downside vs. the Painter’s Pyramids is that if you’re doing production high volume work, you’re going to need a lot of Bench Cookies and a lot of Cones for them. But hey, Rockler is our sponsor, so if you’re inclined to buy a hundred cones and Bench Cookies, we say knock yourself out! For those that aren’t running a finishing assembly line, the Cones for Bench Cookies from Rockler make an especially appealing accessory.

Rockler Sums Up Some of the Benefits Nicely:

  • Engineered to fit snugly over any Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers
  • Finish both sides of a project without slipping or sliding
  • Minimal surface contact
  • Won’t ruin your finish or mar your wood
  • Nest for easy storage
  • Protects your Bench Cookie™ Work Gripper pads from paint and other finish products
  • Includes four Bench Cookie™ Cones
  • Thanks to our friends over at Tool-Rank for first making us aware of these. And thanks to our sponsor Rockler for continuing to come up with innovative products! You can pick up a set of four Cones for Bench Cookies for about $5 at Rockler. If you don’t have the Bench Cookies, a set of four will set you back about $10.

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