Fully-Baked Idea: Rockler Bench Cookies

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Rockler_Bench_CookiesWhen I say “bench cookies” what do you think of?

I imagine something quite unappetizing – like what an incontinent person who’s been waiting for a bus for a long time might leave behind. Why my mind runs to the grossest things possible, I’ll never know.

No, no, a bench cookie is nothing like that. In fact, the Rockler Bench Cookies are very good things.

Bench cookies are little lifts that you can place under your project or material (like a plank of wood) to give it a steady boost from the table it’s on. This is handy as it allows you to use certain bulky tools through and around it without worrying about hitting, getting stuck on or driving through the surface it would have been resting on.

I’d be betraying my Canadian identity if I didn’t bring up that the bench cookie looks a lot like a hockey puck – it’s about the same shape and size as one. The key difference is its grippers on the top and bottom. These grips keep your material incredibly steady, even when using a tool or motion that causes a lot of vibration. The wood or object you’re is less likely to slip regardless of the routing, sanding or carving you’re doing.

A four-pack of Rockler Bench Cookies is a mere $11.99 – not bad for something so handy.

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