Annual Tips That Keep Your House In Tip-Top Shape

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Annual_Home_MaintenanceThe end of daylight savings time is often our reminder to change the batteries of our smoke alarm. There are several other little things you can do around your home this time of year that can help maintain the condition on your house and prevent costly, annoying problems down the road. Instead of spending Sunday catching up on what you’ve Tivo’d, do yourself a favor and tackle some of these once a year chores around the house:

  • • Clean or replace your furnace filters.
    • If you have air conditioning that uses filters, now is the time to change those as well. Clean the grills and register while you’re at it.
    • Clean the condenser coils of your fridge (located in the back!) with a vacuum.
    • Don’t just replace the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms – be sure to dust them too.
    • Use the self-clean option on your oven and do a good deep-clean.
    • Clean your gutters – or better yet, install a Smart Screen Gutter Guard so you don’t have to deal with this yarg of a chore anymore.
  • Just a few hours on one day doing these little tasks can save you hours and mondo bucks down the road. Then you can sit back and watch all the Gossip Girl episodes you like (don’t deny it).

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    Jen (but never “Jenn”) Byck, aka the Fix'n Vixen, is a Toronto-based freelance writer and communication consultant who is undoubtedly home fixated (she is also TV fixated, really bad TV fixated and donut fixated). Her approach to home improvement has been rather trial and error, the latter of which is evidenced by the amount of spackle she buys on an annual basis.

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