News Nirvana – Rockler T-Track Stops, Klein Punchdown, Bosch Sealant Knife, Makita Band Saw and More

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I don’t know how we keep doing it but we’ve crammed even more new tools into this latest News Nirvana! This month, we’ve got three new tools from Makita: the one inch rotary hammer, the brushless hammer drill/driver and the new 18V compact band saw. But wait; there’s more! Our sponsors at Rockler Woodworking and Tools have introduced their new T-Track Stops, designed to work with theirs or other T-Track devices. Bosch brings along their new sealant knife and Klein comes by with their new cushion grip punchdown tool. It’s a tool feeding frenzy in this month’s edition of News Nirvana!

Rockler T-Track Stops

Stop! Rockler Time!
Stop! Rockler Time!

Our fine sponsors at Rockler Hardware and Tool have done it again with their new and improved T-Track stops. These nifty little stops are designed to work with the separately sold T-Track table and other T-Track devices. With just a small ¾-inch profile, they are discreet enough not to get in the way of your power tools, yet strong enough to hold your woodworking materials perfectly in place. The stops come in three varieties: Short, in-line, and long. Short and in-line stops are each 1-1/2-inches wide, while the longer stops are 5-inches wide. Each machined aluminum stop features a flip down handle used to tighten the stop in place and flip down out of the way while working. Both short and in-line stops retail for $6.99 while long stops sell for $12.99. You can also purchase a kit which includes two short and two in-line stops for $24.99. For more information on these super stops, visit today.

Makita Rotary Hammer, 18V Compact Band Saw and Brushless Drill/Driver

A Different way to Join the Rotary Club
A Different way to Join the Rotary Club

Makita is expanding its concrete hammer line again with two new one inch rotary hammers. The pistol grip model and the D-handle model both reportedly drill into concrete like a hot knife through butter, and, they can do it with minimal vibration. Both tools feature Makita’s anti-vibration technology (AVT) that moves a counterweight in unison with the wobble bearing that moves the drive piston, thus reducing vibrations (and teeth chatter) and providing you with more control for precise drilling.

Drill Baby, Drill!
Drill Baby, Drill!

Makita is also expanding their expanding 18V LXT Lithium-Ion cordless tools by introducing the brushless hammer drill/driver and their new cordless compact band saw. Both tools feature lightweight designs, powerful motor speeds for fast cutting and drilling as well as a quick 30 minute charger so you can limit down time between charges. The drill/driver offers a brushless motor which not only helps to optimize battery runs times more efficiently, it also help to keep the motor cooler and gives it a longer life. The compact band saw offers users a category-leading 630 ft. min blade speed for faster cutting and a lightweight 7.5 design to make cuts above your head easier and faster.

Band Saw of Brothers
Band Saw of Brothers

Want to know more about these three new tools from Makita? Visit the Makita Tools for details on prices and a supplier near you.

Klein Cushion Grip Impact Punchdown VDV327-103

A punchdown tool isn’t a tool use for UFC or MMA fighters to punch each other around with, it’s actually a tool used for inserting wire into insulation displacement connectors, punch down blocks, patch panels and keystone modules. Of course, if you are a telecommunications or network tech, you already know that. While most punchdown tools are the same, Klein decided to break the mold with their new cushioned grip impact punchdown tool. With a hi/lo  impact setting, a soft ergonomic grip and a long narrow shaft for squeezing into those tight blocks, Klein turns this common tool into an easy to use device that ensures precise wire insertion and trim, without hurting your hands in the process. Sean O’Flaherty, senior product manager at Klein Tools had this to say about this handy little tool.

Not Recommended for Punching People
Not Recommended for Punching People

“Most current punchdown tools follow the same traditional, square-based pyramid style that is difficult to maneuver and requires additional accessories to reach into tight spaces. Klein Tools’ new punchdown tool naturally overcomes these hurtles with its comfortable screwdriver-shape design that includes a long, narrow shaft that eliminates these limitations and provides easy, precise access to panels and blocks.”

Learn more about this and all of Klein Tools great stuff at the

Bosch Industrial Sealant Knife

Caulk? I don't need no Stinking Caulk!
Caulk? I don’t need no Stinking Caulk!

Removing old caulk or sealant can take hours by hand. But can you imagine having to remove miles of the stuff by hand? You might want to set up a mailbox on the job since you’ll be there for a while. Unless of course you’re planning on using the new Bosch industrial sealant knife. Designed to attach directly to a wide variety of oscillating multi-tools as well as the Fein SuperCUT tool, the twelve pin OIS Max interface design locks the elongated blade tightly in place for maximum sealant removal. Whether you need the sealant knife for precision plunge cuts or you’re looking to speed up production times on the straight stuff, the Bosch sealant knife could be the perfect tool for the job. Learn everything you want to know about this and other fine Bosch Tools by visiting

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