Hear ye! Ryobi Announces Over 25 New 18V ONE+ Tools!

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Photo: Ryobi Media Event

T’was only yesterday, it seems, that Ryobi touted their 18V ONE+ platform to include “175+ tools”. And just last year we covered the launch of their ONE+ HP compact tool series (which has more than 30 tools so far). But wait; there’s more! Ryobi has just unleashed over 25 MORE new ONE+ tools, in multiple categories. Come with us as we check out some of the newest, surprisingly diverse offerings that you won’t want to miss. P.S. it’s now “225+ Tools”!

Truly Something For Everyone – Now Over 225 18V ONE+ Tools From Ryobi

Ryobi Power Washer

We should be used to it by now, but it was still impressive to see the incredible variety of new 18V ONE+ tools Ryobi just unveiled, many of which are “HP” offerings*. We’re talking automotive tools, such as a 3” detail polisher, compact extended-reach ratchets, impact drivers and a compact die grinder. And carpentry tools, including a flooring saw, 7-1/4” sliding miter saw, nailers and a crown stapler.

Other categories partook in the bounty as well. There are new lifestyle and craft/hobby items, like LED lighting, a 4” clamp fan, a rotary tool, glue guns and several portable power solutions. They’ve even added a number of cool outdoor and yard tools, including a power cleaner, patio sweeper, wire brush patio cleaner, an 8” x 4” cultivator and a lawn dethatcher/aerator. There truly is something for everybody.

* Just in case you missed it (or just need a quick refresher): The “ONE+ HP” series is an extension of the core 18V ONE+ lineup. It features compact, brushless tools that are fully compatible with all of the 18V ONE+ batteries you already own. In fact, as long as you have a good ONE+ battery, you can operate any of your 18V Ryobi tools, from as far back as 1996. Even your old “beautiful blues”.

Expanding The ONE+ Automotive Lineup

Ryobi 1/2" Impact Driver
The new PBLIW01 brushless 4-mode, 3-speed, 1/2” impact driver packs up to 1,170 ft.-lbs. of breakaway torque and 700 ft.-lbs. of fastening torque! Photo – Ryobi

There were a lot of new tools unveiled at the announcement event. We’re going to comb through and hit most of the highlights, starting with the automotive category. When you think of automotive power tools, you probably imagine high power and rugged durability. The folks at Ryobi sure do! And it continues to show with their latest offerings.

18V ONE+ HP Brushless Extended Reach Ratchets

3/8" Extended Reach Ratchet
This 3/8” extended reach ratchet delivers up to 55 ft-lbs of torque, while the 1/4” version tops off at 40 ft-lbs. Photo – Ryobi

There are two extended reach ratchets to choose from: 3/8” drive (model PBLRC25) and 1/4” drive (model PBLRC01). Both feature high torque, brushless motors, LED lights, a 4-position rotating head and a metal variable paddle trigger for speeds up to 230 RPM on the 3/8” model and 260 RPM on the 1/4”.

Ryobi extended reach ratchet
With its slim head and long reach, the automotive garage is only one of many places where this tool will feel right at home! Photo: Ryobi

18V ONE+ HP Compact Brushless 1/4″ Right Angle Die Grinder

1/4" compact die grinder
This die grinder is compact and lightweight. But it’s designed to live up to professional expectations, with up to 2X the power of its pneumatic counterparts! Photo: Ryobi

Meet the Ryobi PSBDG01. This is the industry’s first 18V right angle die grinder. Its size – and the absence of an air hose – makes it great for working in tight quarters. Other notable features include its 4-mode speed control and variable metal paddle trigger for speeds up to 22,000 RPM. The built-in spindle lock and a single wrench make for easy accessory changes.

18V ONE+ 3″ Variable Speed Detail Polisher/Sander

18V ONE+ 3" detail polisher/sander
The model PBF102 detail polisher / sander gets up to 1-hour runtime on a 9.0Ah 18V ONE+ battery. Photo – Ryobi

Like almost every tool, this one can find work in multiple trades and hobbies. But we suspect it will get extra cozy with the automotive enthusiasts out there. It’s perfect for putting a mirror shine on the details of your sweet ride, or restoring those all-too-common cloudy headlight housings.

This tool features tool-free accessory changes and two speed ranges: 0-2,800 RPM for polishing and 0-7,800 RPM for sanding. And it comes with an auxiliary handle for greater control.

Ryobi ONE+ Carpentry Lineup – More Great Tools To Get The Job Done

Ryobi Airstrike Nailer
The P361 18V ONE+ Airstrike 18 gauge narrow crown stapler is capable of driving up to 1-1/2” staples into hardwood. It can drive up to 1,700 staples per charge with a 4Ah battery! Photo – Ryobi

The carpentry category has been graced with a number of new and improved additions, including three “Airstrike” fastener tools. There’s the crown stapler shown above and two nailers: the P321 18-gauge nailer can sink 5/8” – 2” brads into hardwood (up to 1,900 brads per 4Ah charge); and the P326 16-gauge straight finish nailer, which can drive up to 2-1/2” nails into hardwood (up to 1,000 nails per 4AH charge).

18V ONE+ 5-1/2” Flooring Saw – Rips, Miters & Crosscuts

5-1/2" flooring saw
Ryobi has added a dedicated flooring saw to the ONE+ platform. It’s like a mini table saw combined with a mini track saw. Photo: Ryobi
The last time we spotted something like this (albeit corded vs cordless) was the Skil Flooring Saw.

Ryobi’s model PGC21 can rip, miter and crosscut up to 240 linear feet of flooring material on one charge (with a 9Ah battery). The included 24T thin kerf blade is suited for hardwood flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) and laminates. The saw has a 1-1/4” dust port for use with a vacuum system or the included collection bag. The “bare tool” also comes with a push stick, rip fence, crosscut/miter fence, workpiece hold-down clamp, blade change wrenches and on-board storage.

7-1/4″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Cute But Capable

7-1/4" sliding compound miter saw
Meet the PBT01, a 7-1/4” miter saw that has all the features you want, including greater portability. Photo – Ryobi

Is it rude to call this saw “cute”? We sure hope not, because it genuinely warms our heart! It’s not always about having the biggest tool at the jobsite. Sometimes you just need the right tool for the job. And we believe this will be the right tool for a lot of pros and hobbyists alike.

This “baby” boasts best-in-class crosscutting, able to handle a 2” x 10”! Ryobi says you can get up to 800 cuts per charge (when using a 9Ah battery). It bevels up to 45° and miters up to 47°. There are 10 bypassable miter detents for quick, accurate setup and positive stops at the most common crown molding angles: 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6° and 45° (left and right). The saw has a dust port and runs at up to 3,600 RPM. The “bare tool” package comes with a 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade, dust bag, workpiece clamp, carrying handles and a blade wrench.

New Outdoor And Yard Tools – Ryobi 18V ONE+ Has Something For Everyone

Ryobi Dethatcher-Aerator
The dethatcher/aerator has 4 height settings and clears a 13” – 14” path. Photo – Ryobi

For your dethatching (collecting the dead grass, moss and other debris that likes to gather at the base of your grass) and aerating (making a bunch of little holes in the ground so that water and other nutrients can more easily penetrate the soil) needs, Ryobi brings you the P2740. The tool has 2 active battery ports for greater power.

There’s also a new 3-speed light duty gardening cultivator in the lineup. The P2750VNM tills a path 8” wide and 4” deep. (Though it leaves a gap in the middle, so you may want to overlap your passes.) It comes with a 4Ah battery for up to 40 minutes of runtime.

Brush It Off With Power! – Rotary Brush Cleaners For Your Outdoor Spaces

18V ONE+ patio sweeper/cleaner
The 18V ONE+ Patio Cleaner (model P2940) is a rotary brush sweeper/cleaner designed to scrub patios, pavers, driveways and decking. Photo – Ryobi

You may be starting to see a theme here; maybe several. But the particular one we’re thinking of is diversity. Ryobi’s ONE+ platform covers a LOT of ground. And they’ve just unveiled two rotary power brushes that are perfect for keeping that ground looking clean and presentable.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ wire brush patio cleaner
This is the 18V ONE+ outdoor wire brush patio cleaner (model P2950), a unique tool brought to you by Ryobi. Use this to power and scour away weeds, grass and other debris that likes to grow in and generally yuck up the cracks and crevices in patios, driveways, sidewalks and in between pavers and paving bricks. Photo – Ryobi

18V ONE+ HP EZClean Power Cleaner – A Power Washer In The Palm Of Your Hand

EZClean Power Cleaner
The RY121850VNM power cleaner is super portable, and versatile. A variety of attachments will be available, including a 3-in-1 nozzle, various brushes, a handheld wand. Photo – Ryobi

Here’s another awesome tool we were delighted to see. It’s essentially a pressure washer disguised as a cordless drill. The EZClean can output up to 600 PSI of water pressure, which can be dialed back when you need a gentler spray. Its thirst can be quenched with a standard garden hose or the included 20-foot siphon hose. It even comes with a 2-liter beverage bottle adapter for a truly cord-free, hose-free user experience that we can’t wait to try for ourselves.

Hobby And Craft Solutions – More Ryobi 18V ONE+ Goodness

Rotary tool
A rotary tool. On the go. Wherever you go. Photo – Ryobi

The PRT100 Precision Rotary Tool isn’t the first rotary tool on the 18V ONE+ platform, but it’s definitely the lightest and most economical. It features 5 speeds (4,400 – 23,000 RPM), a 1/8” collet and a compact design. As per standard rotary tool fare, it’s perfect for small scale cutting, sanding, grinding, engraving, polishing, carving and more.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ dual-temp glue gun
Ryobi P307 dual-temp “full size” glue gun. Photo – Ryobi

Ryobi already had a compact 5/16” glue gun in their 18V ONE+ lineup. But for bigger jobs, consider the new dual temperature (248°F and 320°F) model P307. This one uses “full-sized” 1/2” glue sticks. It has a fold-out drip tray, an LED ready indicator, comes with three interchangeable nozzles and heats in as little as two minutes.

Lights, Fan, Inaction! – Getting More Out Of The 18V ONE+ Platform

Ryobi 4" clamp fan
4” clamp fan. Easy, breezy, 2 speed-y. Photo – Ryobi

The 18V ONE+ platform has the tools you need to get work done. But life isn’t all about work. Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax. This is where Ryobi’s “lifestyle” category comes in. There are three new additions to this category. Granted, these items can be used while working, but they’d also be great for, say, camping. Or to provide comfort next time the power goes out.

First up is a 4” clamp fan. This cool little blowhard can be clipped onto whatever is convenient (up to 1-1/2” thick) or stood on a desk or other flat surface. Clamp it onto your lawn chair, the edge of a table, the front of your exercise bike, or a rafter while working in the hot attic. The PCF02 has a multi-directional rotating head that pushes air at over 180 CFM. And on low, with a 6Ah battery, it will run for over 40 hours!

New 18V ONE+ Lighting Solutions – Did Someone Order Photons?

LED Compact Area Light
The P796 LED compact area light has three brightness settings and outputs up to 400 lumens. Use a 9Ah battery for up to 7 days of continuous runtime! Photo – Ryobi

If you’re looking for super bright construction site lighting, Ryobi already has you covered (and they’ll almost certainly be expanding that category too). But these two new lights are more for the comfort and convenience of everyday living.

Ryobi PCL660 LED light
The PCL660’s 280-lumen beam projects 500 feet. This LED light has a 130° pivoting head and can be used as a handheld unit or stood on end for hands-free illumination. Photo – Ryobi

18V ONE+ Portable Power Solutions – The Juice You Need When & Where You Need It

18V ONE+ Upgraded 150 Watt Power Source
150 Watt power source (model RYi150CVNM). Use it as a power source or to charge your battery packs in your vehicle (or using Ryobi’s new solar panels). Photo – Ryobi

Finally, we’ll take a look at some of the new additions to Ryobi’s portable power lineup. Whether you’re camping, on the go or battening down the hatches for an incoming storm, the city power grid isn’t always at your beck and call.

The unit above is an upgrade to Ryobi’s current 150W power source. It has the same 120VAC power outlet and two USB-A ports. But this time they’ve added a 30W USB-C port that not only works to charge your devices, but also doubles as an input, converting the power source into a charger for your 18V ONE+ batteries!

Ryobi also announced a compact 120 Watt automotive inverter (model RYi120AVNM) with dual power options. It will run off of a 12V power socket in your vehicle or an 18V ONE+ battery pack. It has one 120VAC outlet and two USB-A ports to charge your devices and/or power a laptop or other small electronics.

Last (but not least), Ryobi introduced two foldable, compact solar panels: a 14W (RYi14SP) and 21W (RYi20SP) version. Both models have dual USB-A ports to charge two devices at once.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Platform – Over 225 Tools, And Counting

Ryobi 18V ONE+ lineup

This reviewer was instantly attracted to more than a few of these new releases. And we feel sure you’ll find some new favorites of your own in this latest bevy of Ryobi greens. Not to mention the other 200+ tools that now populate Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ battery platform, all backed by the same 3-year warranty we’ve come to appreciate and expect from Ryobi. Personally, I’ve never had to use the warranty, which is actually as reassuring as the warranty itself!

Some of these new tools are available now. Others are slated for release around Q4 (Sept-Oct 2021). Most will be available in bare tool and various kit configurations and can be purchased exclusively at The Home Depot and HomeDepot.com. (Some will be online only).

If you’re still on the fence about joining the 18V ONE+ platform, 225+ tools sure makes a compelling argument. And it’s only going to get better.

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  2. “In fact, as long as you have a good ONE+ battery, you can operate any of your 18V Ryobi tools, from as far back as 1996.” – What was this first tool from 1996? Do you know the model number of the original Ryobi 18V ONE+ tool from 1996?


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