Ryobi 18V Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver is Making an Impact

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Review Ryobi impact driver P238 in action

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Is it just me, or does it feel like this year has been loooooong already?! Part of that is because of a(nother) big move for my family and me. We recently relocated from Houston back to our Northern California roots! We are so excited to be home but so exhausted. Luckily for me, we got to try out an inexhaustible Ryobi Impact Driver that made the home improvements part of moving much easier.

Home Depot sent us the Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver (Model P238) to review, and the timing could not have been better. It is just the perfect impact driver for homeowners and even certain pro’s (more on that later).

Ryobi Impact Driver Spec’s from HomeDepot.com

• Brushless motor provides more runtime, more power and longer motor life
• Compatible with lithium+ HP batteries for even better performance
• 3-speed switch conveniently located on rear of tool for easy access – high speed: 0-3,100 RPM, medium speed: 0-2,150 RPM, low speed: 0-1,100 RPM
• Powerful design produces up to 2,000 in. / lbs. torque to easily drive or tighten large fasteners
• Up to 4,350 IPM (impacts per minute) for fast driving applications
• Tri-LED lights minimize shadows
• 1/4 in. auto-load chuck for fast and easy 1-handed bit changes
• New gripzone with micro-texture for user comfort and control
• Belt clip mounts to either side of tool for convenience
• Magtray magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits
• Includes: P238 brushless 3-speed impact driver, Philips bit and belt clip

I love that this is one of those tools you can use right out of the box. So pristine. So perfect. So ready for some DIY dirt.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 unboxed
So fresh and so clean – for now!

Right off, I was surprised at how much of an upgrade in comfort and small size this was from my older Ryobi impact driver. This guy is heavier, but all the better to drive things in, my dear!

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 compare
Twinsies! Kinda, but not really.

The shorter depth really allows you to get into tight spaces with ease. The driver made quick work of these old, rusty screws in an awkward spot.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 size
Old, rusty screws? No problem!

I loved my old impact driver for heavy-duty assembling and installing. With the three speeds on this new version, the P238 has basically become my go-to for regular driving applications as well. The lowest speed is great for tackling lighter duty projects, and the middle and high speeds can finish any job around the house.

The auto-load chuck makes one-hand bit changes easy and quick. Just push your bit in to load.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 auto load chuck
Load that bit.

And pull out on the chuck to release. I was holding a camera in my other hand, which proves it is a one-handed operation!

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 auto load chuck
Chuck it good.

The tri-beam light is a feature I didn’t think I’d be too jazzed about, but it’s a lifesaver in tight spaces and when working light is low. During all those late nights assembling and hanging and fixing, the Ryobi 3-Speed Impact Driver was my right-hand man. The three LED lights really work together to make your target brightly lit. No more dragging around the flashlight or work light.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 tri beam LED light
Helllllllo projects!

The runtime on this driver is excellent. I have been able to work for an afternoon and still have enough juice for the rest of the week.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 in action
The Ryobi P238 in action!

I started to put this baby to the test by building a new gate for our side yard. The Ryobi impact driver burned through that project so fast I had plenty of time and battery left for other projects.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 building gate
All these boards were installed in minutes!

Within an afternoon I had the old gate disassembled, the new gate put together, and several other random jobs on my list finished.

Review Ryobi impact driver P238 in action
Moni and the Fence. M-M-M-Moni and the Fence.

This quickly became the tool that never made it back into the toolbox. I keep it handy in the house for everyday intalls and repairs. During our first phase of moving, the movers were even asking to borrow it again and again. I used it so much during the last week in our house that it was one of the few items I kept to pack in our luggage – along with the irreplaceable and sentimental items!

All in all, I am super impressed with the Ryobi 18V Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver. This is a must-have tool for DIYers, homeowners, and even moving professionals!

The bare tool will only set you back about $99!

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  1. I have Ryobi’s previous model impact driver and do not know how I lived without it. Thanks for the info, I will have to go brushless if mine ever decides to retire.


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