Controlled Impact with the Ryobi One+ 3/8” 18v impact Wrench

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. I recently received the Ryobi One+ 3/8” 18v impact wrench to test. Still being about 20 years behind the multiple advances in tool technology, I had some doubts about the potential of the battery powered impact. Once I accepted the limitations of a tool this size and embraced the advantages, I was pleasantly surprised. First, let’s take a look at the specifications and tool features, then discuss what this means in your workshop or garage.

one plus
The Ryobi One+ 3/8″ 18v Impact Wrench out in the shop.

The Ryobi One+ 3/8” Impact Wrench

The tool has a 3/8” anvil with a hog ring to facilitate easy change of sockets. The impact mechanism produces 150 of torque up to 3,400 impacts per minute (IPM) for a variety of heavy duty applications. The powerful motor allows for tightening or loosening various nuts and bolts, as well as other fasteners. The 3 speed selector switch offers greater control over a wide range of fastening applications, and is a key feature in its overall versatility.

• Speed 3: Provides Maximum torque (0-3200/min)
• Speed 2: Provides additional control for driving depth and fastener tension (0-2500/min)
• Speed 1: Provides even more control for precision fastening

The Tri-Beam light increases work area visibility over most traditional single light designs, and the trademarked GRIPZONE over mold provides optimum grip as well as user comfort. Overall tool weight is 2.6 pounds and the wrench includes a belt clip that can be mounted on either side of the tool.

tribeam on the ryobi one+ impact wrench
The Tri-Beam 3 LED lights provide great illumination to the work zone
ryobi impact wrench 3 speeds
The 3 speed switch allows you to select the right power for the job at hand.
The GRIP ZONE overmold provides a sure and comfortable grip.

The Brake Job

The first job I tried with this impact was the replacement of pads, rotors and calipers on my Toyota Tundra. This is where I first encountered the tool’s limitations but also where I discovered its true virtues. I jacked up the front end of the truck and set the thing on jack stands. I then attempted to remove the lug nuts (which hadn’t been loosened in a long time, 3 years in fact) and met with limited success. The wrench pounded away and loosened most of them, but a few particularly stubborn ones would not budge. The wrench provides about half the torque of its big brother, the 1/2’” model, which is much better suited for lug nuts.

Once I had the wheels removed I discovered the advantages of this tool. Small and compact, I was able to fit it in to loosen the caliper bolts. After I had replaced the rotors and pads it was time to reinstall the calipers. I set the speed control to 2 and tightened the caliper bolts. The reduced speed and impacts allowed me to precisely tighten the bolts without over tightening. The Tri-Beam light was also welcome, as there is no great way to light the work area otherwise.

I then replaced the wheels and attempted to tighten lug nuts again as a test. I used a torque stick designed for my vehicle, always the way to go when installing lug nuts with an impact wrench. I then checked the tightness with a torque wrench and again found a couple that hadn’t tightened to the spec, but were close.

removing lugnuts
The tool was slightly undersized for removing lugnuts, but still met with some success.
The Ryobi 3/8″ impact wrench removed all but the most stubborn of the lugnuts, a job better suited to its bigger 1/2″ drive brother.

The Ryobi One+ Impact Wrench Tackles a Tree Stand

The next job was assembling a ladder tree stand that I intended to use in our woods for bow hunting deer. These stands come unassembled and can be somewhat tedious to put together as there are numerous parts and fasteners. The tubing is robust enough to support 500 pounds in this particular stand, but the walls are thin enough that they could be distorted or crushed if over tightened. I was a little hesitant at first, but running the tool at the number 1 setting allowed me to precisely control the speed and tightness and I had no issues during the assembly process. I was able to complete assembly much faster than I would have if I’d had to fasten each bolt with a pair of wrenches or with a ratchet. Since I did a fair bit of the assembly in the field, the battery power was certainly appreciated.

ryobi impact wrench with numerous fasteners
There were close to 100 fasteners to tighten on this tree stand.
precise control
I was able to have precise control while tightening the fasteners on this tree stand by utilizing the lowest power setting on the wrench.

Another Delicate Job for the Ryobi Impact Wrench

Finally, I’m back to the Toyota truck again. The one thing I can depend on without fail is that something around the farm will be broken or not working properly. Lately the truck has been not running well, the fault codes I pulled on the little OBD reader indicated a throttle position sensor not sending a proper signal. After looking at a number of solutions I felt the last best hope was to replace the throttle body. The Ryobi One+ impact wrench was perfect for the job, removing the old one and providing just the right amount of control to properly tighten the new part in place. It also had the power and finesse to handle the associated hose clamps.

hose clamp
Loosening and retightening the hose clamps was a snap with this impact wrench.
Precise control again was key to the proper installation of the throttle body.


Once I found the sweet spot on this wrench as far as best applications, the tool performed admirably. As long as you are not asking it to do the work of a larger more powerful impact you will not be disappointed. It has plenty of power to loosen stuck nuts and fasteners, and enough control that you can confidently tighten bolts and other fasteners that require care and finesse. The Ryobi One+ 18v 3/8” impact wrench is available at The Home Depot as a bare tool for a mere $79.00.

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  1. The Roybi tools are great! We used to have some years ago they are the hardest working tool’s I have ever used. We are needing to do remodeling on our home. We have been looking at these tool set to use. We both have had to have surgery. He was hurt on the job and had a disk removed from his neck and a titaiam plate put in his neck. I have had a complete right knee replaced. So now it’s time to get some work done on this remodel. If we could be blessed to receive this gift that we could use so much you just have no idea. After all this he does all the up keep on our automobile’s so you see this is just a few thing’s we could use these tools on. We’re also been working on this old Church house and Graveyard that my Grandfather built and my dad remodeled it in 1998 now we have been a few that has been working on the remodeling after the tornadoes that came through and we have had to remove the back room’s and quite a bit of other stuff trying so very hard to get it finished. It would help so much to get a tool or a set of tool’s to help us out with all of what we have going on!
    Thank you so very much.


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