Save Face With A Lite Cylinder See-Through Propane Tank

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lite_cylanderPicture this:

Imagine you actually like the people you work with (gasp?). You’ve invited the boss, some colleagues and their spouses over for a weekend barbecue where it’s your mission to dazzle them with your meat cooking prowess.

  • Best cuts of steak – check
  • Marinades – check
  • Drinks flowing – check
  • Potato salad on the table – check
  • BBQ fired up …
  • … and, Houston, you have a problem.

    While you were sure you had plenty of propane, your BBQ insists that is not the case. Now you’re forced to run out on your guests to grab more. Visions of colleagues mocking your organizational and planning skills are running through your brain. You also hope none of them decide it’s time to know the “real” you and start exploring your house – especially that box under your bed.

    Lifting a propane tank is no way to tell how much is left in it. A foolproof way is to get a Lite Cylinder See-Through Propane Tank.

    We like it for several reasons:

  • You can clearly see the contents of the tank – no more unexpected outages
  • The tank is 30% lighter than a steel version
  • It’s corrosion and rust-proof – which means you won’t need to replace it anytime soon
  • It’s pretty … err, I mean, totally manly
  • Hank Hill, seller of propane and propane accessories, would drool over this baby – and if you’re a gas grill BBQ enthusiast, so will you. The Lite Cylinder See-Through Propane Tank is available in a few different sizes and colors, starting at $85.

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    3 thoughts on “Save Face With A Lite Cylinder See-Through Propane Tank”

    1. Looks like a great idea,,,,except that we don’t fill our tanks, we exchange them,,,so this would not work out to good. I like the exchange because you always have a “new” looking tank.

    2. While I think the see-through tank is an outstanding invention, I think lifting the tank is still an effective way to tell how much gas is left. One just needs to know how much the empty weighs or be able to shake the tank a little. The slosh of the compressed propane (it’s a liquid) is a dead give away to how much is left.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jeff. Depending on your BBQ or outdoor heater setup, some propane tanks are more accessible than others. I like the ability to see the fill level just by looking, especially for setups where the tank is stored in a cage or box that’s harder to access and lift it out of. Sometimes the old lift and shake system isn’t as accurate as being able to see the fill level visually. No matter the technique, the key is checking before you get half way into cooking that steak and then running out of propane!


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