The Senco Fusion Cordless Nailer Has Arrived (Almost)!

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This month, there’s something else you HomeFixated readers can look forward to besides the release of Sex and the City 2, the Senco Fusion Cordless Nailer!

What do you mean you’re not looking forward to Sex and the City 2? What’s not to love and not-at-all-cringe-at about four women in their 50s behaving like materialistic, boy-obsessed teens? I mean, c’mon, Miley Cyrus – who is never annoying or sounds like she has marbles in her mouth – makes an appearance in the film! I can’t WAIT to watch these feminist heroes on the big screen!</sarcasm>

Instead of plunking your cash down at the 3D IMAX (*gah!*) consider the new goodies from Senco instead.

HomeFixated is already a fan of Senco products. You can see our Senco SHF15 Flooring Nailer review and our Senco PC1010 Compressor review as evidence of that, but this new product is really special – and after a long wait, it’s finally here (almost).

The Senco Fusion Cordless Nitrogen Nailer, a compressor-free product we told you about and shamelessly coveted back in January is mouth-wateringly close to being available in stores. Props to Chris at Tool-Rank for giving us the heads-up on its release.

While we gave a run-down of the Senco Fusion Cordless Nailer earlier this year, there’s now a rather sexy video that demonstrates the Senco Fusion Cordless Nailer features. Quite frankly, I think it rivals anything Samantha could dish out. Take a look for yourself:

Hello, lover!

Two models are coming soon – a 15-gauge and an 18-gauge. Prices range, so it’s best to chat with your Senco dealer directly as soon as they’re in stock. One thing’s for sure – it’s far cheaper than a pair of Manolo Blahniks (and, yes, I hate myself a little bit for knowing what those are).

Editor’s Note:
I just got off the phone with our super-top-secret contact who has infiltrated the Senco corporation, (OK, she’s their PR person), and she gave me a quick rundown on the Senco Fusion release schedule. The 15 gauge model is scheduled for shipping to distributors towards the end of this month and is expected to be available for purchase in early June. The 18 gauge model isn’t expected to hit the market until September. Senco plans to ship us a Fusion to review asap, and you can bet we’ll be providing a detailed accounting of our impressions of it shortly thereafter. Also, I have no idea what Manolo Blahniks are. Ah, just googled it. I will happily post pictures of anyone wearing them while posing with a Senco Fusion nailer! I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. Anyway, stay tuned to for all the latest updates on the Senco Fusion nailers!

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