Skil Multi-Tasker Makes Honey Do Jobs More Doable

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Skil Multi-Tasker & attachmentsTo be skillful at multi-tasking is indeed an admirable trait – one that I learned as soon as I had more than one TV. Put the Lakers on the 52 incher, put the Clippers in picture in picture, kitchen TV has the Kings game, and golf is on in the bedroom. During a rough day doing honey do’s, golf is always soothing to listen to while taking a nap. My father, Ward Baker, a pioneer member of Hermosa Beach’s Surfer’s Walk of Fame, likes to nap while watching Nascar. Nascar is not allowed in our house when more than one person is at home. More on that later… much later I’m now being told. 

Skil sent Home Fixated the Skil Multi-Tasker to review this month, and once again I am cheerfully using this opportunity to get a new tool to add to my collection. All of the tools Marc sends me for review will be utilized to make Mrs. Baker a much happier household member, and the Skil Model 1400 Multi-Tasker will make this job a lot easier.

Multi Tasking Tools Have Become the Rage

Multi tasking tools have become the rage recently in helping you do those tricky things that are always such a pain in the ass. Cut a jamb leg so new flooring can go underneath it, sand inside corners of a cabinet, get rid of some old grout – all of these jobs and more are now doable with a multi tasker. There’s an offset blade that can let you put down a piece of flooring up next to your jamb so you can cut it and let the flooring go underneath for a really clean look. The blades are thin so the kerf cut is minimal. At 2-3/4 lbs., the Skil Multi-Tasker is not too heavy, and the feel in your hand is very comfortable. The triangular sanding pad gets you into those tight corners that are never easy to sand by hand. It’s like having an orbital sander that has a point on it to fit right in the space. Oscillations per minute range from 12,000 to 22,000 so you can be as aggressive as you want.

In older houses, tile grout can become old and nasty. Maybe some of it has chipped out, maybe some areas have been stained by a Nascar hater with red wine, or maybe you just want a different color. Getting that old grout out of there used to be a chore. There was a wooden handled tool that had an offset blade like a utility knife with diamond  chips on it that you ran back and forth, grinding out the grout between each tile. Totally tedious.  And, do not try to give this to your wife for Valentine’s Day. These diamonds apparently do not count!

One Tiny Problem With The Multi-Tasker – Decibel Level

All in all, the tool worked well with the exception of the noise.  Man, you better have some good ear plugs ‘cause this bad boy screeches something fierce. My good friend Ed Pinto, cabinet installer extraordinaire, said if you happen to be in a room with super gnarly reflective acoustics, no ear plug will save you. Dude, make your kid cut in those rooms. The Fein MultiMaster is the Cadillac of this tool and makes less noise, but at $400 compared to Skil’s $80, maybe you don’t need to hear so well all the way into your 80’s. Spend the money you save on some good Bose headphones and the screeching will not be a problem.  The Skil 1400-02 Oscillating Kit is available on Amazon for about $80.

My next muti-tasker job will be installing a secret 37” LCD TV in the bathroom for those vroom vroom races. Please don’t tell anyone.

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