Skil Power Cutter a Godsend – Especially for Battery Packaging

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Skil power cutter

Quick everyone! Run out and get this thing before you even have to start thinking about another Christmas morning! Dads, brothers, uncles, men of all ages….GO!!!  I’m serious about this great new cordless power cutter from Skil. Is everyone familiar with adult proof packaging? In its deepest sinister form, it arrives with the crimped edges of hard plastic that will not come apart, no matter… But I digress.  I need to start this review in a more professional manner. 

Skil cutter rain gutterThe folks from Skil sent HF the Skil Power Cutter to try out – on just about anything and everything.  This baby cuts a ton of stuff including carpet, leather, cardboard, vinyl flooring, roofing paper, thin metals, netting, and god only knows what else. It cuts up to a quarter inch thick material and has an auto sharpening feature that means it only comes with one blade. So let’s use this tool for what it was made for, and not go out and start cutting eighth inch stainless steel.  Yes, it can cut up to a quarter inch thick stuff but we’re talking cardboard, not masonite! Helloooooo!!!!!  The tool has a nice safety feature that won’t let you fire this guy up without some effort… and that’s the point. It should be a little difficult to turn this bad boy on so no one does anything stupid.

The Skil Power Cutter Has an Ultra Long Battery Life

According to packaging, the new lithium battery can hold a charge for up to eighteen months.  WTF? If you don’t use the tool the battery lasts eighteen months?  I, of course, was not paid or given the amount of time necessary to properly test this statement, but now that Marc has read this, I’m either in the money or on the street….

Now that I’ve destroyed any pretense of actually having a semblance of a professional manner, let’s get back to where I started…

The Really Brilliant Use of the Power Cutter – Plastic Packaging

The kids open presents on Christmas morning.  Presents come in packaging in some form or another. The plastic packaging around tools, toys, and batteries obviously has been under the direction of none other than the infamous Professor Moriarty himself. Who else could come up with such a devious plan to make opening the simplest of packages extremely difficult and embarrassing? You know what I mean, “big strong guy” ripping at the plastic and it won’t budge?  Seriously?  So next Christmas, whip this dude out from your bathrobe and commence slicing and dicing.

Your Wife May Steal Your Skil Power Cutter from You

As I indicated above, the Skil cuts through a ton of different materials – many of which may be used by your wife more than by you, so be on the alert for possible wife theft of this great tool.  Those annoying cut-on-the-flat chores like cutting fabric for a sewing project, or cutting wrapping paper during Santa time all are made easy with the Skil.  If your wife is a seamstress or quilter or if she does Santa duty wrapping gifts before the holidays, you may have to search her work areas next time you need the tool for yourself.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how much carpeting I’m cutting, roofing paper I need to trim, and netting I need to cut these days. But man, if I can get those “AAA” battery packs open without blood, I’m a happy camper. Plus I do need to cut up all those cardboard wine boxes I anticipate people leaving on our porch next holiday season…

P.S. My mother, Jackie Baker, is a master quilter and winner of many awards in Hawaii for her quilts… she is over 200 years old and I’m going to send the power cutter to her to see if it can help cut out her quilt parts… unless Dad gets it first… which could be a problem since his truck is well over 200 years old and he is the original DIY man, so…  I’ll tell Mom to hide it from him, before he tries to cut a section of fender with it or something.

The Skil 2352-01 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Multi-Cutter sells for $39.95.

Skil cutter fabric

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  1. I AM WRIGHTING FROM INDIA. I WANT TO BUY The Skil 2352-01 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Multi-Cutter sells for $39.95. IT WILL CUT 6 TO 25 MM THICK PLASTIC SHEET ? COST OF EXTRA CUTTER ? ANY DEALER IN INDIA ?


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