Under Stair Storage Cabinets as Seen in Workbench Magazine: Functional Storage for a Funky Space

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storage-cabinets“Workbench Magazine”, now known as “My Home, My Style”, is full of great products, tips and info for woodworkers, but these under stair storage cabinets are the best idea I’ve seen in a long while. Few spaces are weirder and less usable than the area beneath the stairs, and so many of us miss the mark when attempting to make use of it. Please take a moment to gaze upon my better half’s half-ass solution to this common dilemma…  

I know, I know...I'm a lucky gal.
Yes folks, this is the under stair area of our basement, a room I no longer venture into — ever. Tool chests, filing cabinets, cardboard boxes, empty wine crates, Tupperware containers full of random screws/nails, bagged recyclables, you name it; it’s all been crammed under there in a lame attempt to organize and “get it out of the way.”  Anything that doesn’t quite fit is further stacked and piled on the stairs themselves — a safety hazard if I ever saw one.

Workbench/My Home has come through though, with these very functional and polished looking storage cabinets. Angled and nested to fit under the rake of the stairs, the cabinets utilize every possible bit of space. Not to mention, they’re on casters which allow them to roll out individually. Pull them out, grab what you need and tuck them back into place.

The finished, exposed side is clean, neat and hides what is generally a major eyesore. As you can see, the stairs pictured are closed riser, which is probably the most desirable design for this project. But, even with open risers — my God it’s still a brilliant and more aesthetically pleasing result!

Workbench/My Home offers a ton of free building plans in addition to the ones for these under stair cabinets — for everything from creative shelving ideas to outdoor furniture. (NOTE: some of the more complicated plans aren’t quite free.) You’ll also find woodworking forums and tool reviews, kits, tools and supplies, CDs and books.

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4 thoughts on “Under Stair Storage Cabinets as Seen in Workbench Magazine: Functional Storage for a Funky Space”

  1. Looks like a great idea. I think I would have taken it one step further and enclosed the top (a nice easy-open hinged lid) to prevent items from being overstuffed / dislodged when closing the shelves. This would also be a great solution for the open riser stairs.

    • Hey Joe! Nice suggestion. A certain someone in my household loves overstuffing drawers making them nearly impossible to open in close. If we installed the storage under our stairs, your suggestion would be a must!


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