The Slide-N-Pump Review – It’s Not What You Think

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hand-operated-pumpThe Slide-N-Pump is neither a hot, new dance craze nor a disreputable establishment boasting dollar shots and “live nude girls!” It’s not Nike’s latest marketing effort aimed at every kid who dreams of better moves and eventually a whopping endorsement deal. More than likely, it’s also not anything your wife wants you to ask if she’d be interested in “giving a go.”  

No, the Slide-N-Pump is none of these things…sorry to disappoint. What it is though, is a brilliant tool that pumps/siphons water (and various other, unmentionable liquids.) I can tell you from experience, it’s a far superior alternative to the old method which entails sticking one end of a hose into a fetid pool of filth, the other end into your mouth and sucking like a (you fill in the blank) until the flow starts and every time, results in a mouthful of vomit-inducing muck.

The intake hose I used is probably too long.

Along with some elbow grease and a couple sections of sturdy hose, the Slide-N-Pump removes standing water from wherever you don’t want it: toilets, basements, flooded construction holes, pools and anywhere else you can think of. The days of buckets and bailing are happily over.

I used it to drain the ornamental pond by my shop. This baby hasn’t been cleaned or drained in at least four years and at this point, is really nothing more than an unsanitary, reeking, dead-frog stew. The pond is kidney shaped and about 6′ x 4′ x 2 ½’ deep, at its deepest point.

You can't see me, but I'm collapsed on the ground, sucking wind.

So, here’s my take: It took me quite a while to get the Slide-N-Pump to start siphoning and I definitely worked up a sweat. This was at least partially my fault though because the packaging clearly states, “The longer the intake [red end] hose, the longer it will take to prime the Slide-N-Pump to actually start pumping or siphoning.” I, of course, used a 10′ garden hose on the intake end — didn’t want to cut a perfectly good hose for the sake of an experiment. I think a cut section of maybe 24″ would work a lot better. Other than that, it’s a good item to have on hand for those less than savory jobs. And, no batteries or electricity required!

You can find the Slide-N-Pump- Standard for just under $30 on Amazon.

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