Create a Star Wars-themed Halloween from your Sidewalk to Front Door

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This Halloween marks the first time in my adult life that I’ll be answering the door to trick-or-treaters. When we lived in the condo, the building didn’t let people go unit to unit asking for candy (I only got to the third floor before they caught me) and when I lived in a house before that, I was a wild young thing who spent Halloween getting wasted in bars while wearing costumes that always needed explanation (hey, it beats being a sexy [kitty / bunny / nurse / pirate / Pikachu ?!?!]). And so, the pressure is on to create an outstanding experience from our sidewalk to our front door. I could go classic, creepy, gross-out … but the Force in me is strong – so a Star Wars Halloween it is. Feel like getting your nerd on too? Here’s how!

Before we get going on this, inadvertently causing an injury or having a lawsuit on your hands would be a total bummer, so first and foremost, make sure you keep your property safe and “little kid friendly.” We actually wrote an article about Halloween safety tips for homeowners a couple years ago – so do check it out. Keeping the path clear, ensuring the steps are clean and intact, having a well-lit exterior, and making sure there aren’t any open flames that could cause a costume to smolder will be key to keeping this Halloween a happy one and not becoming the pariah of the neighborhood.

With that boring but necessary business out of the way, it’s time to get on with our Star Wars Halloween theme!

If you live somewhere that gets snow by Halloween (I was raised in such a horrible place), use it to your advantage and build something Star Wars-ian like this Jabba the Hutt. While very cool, there’s a strong chance that heaps of the white stuff won’t be available where you live. So, if you’re particularly handy, inspired, and have access to a sheet of plywood, you can build a wooden 2D cut-out (the blob-like Jabba is the easiest) or if you’re willing to sacrifice a garbage can, consider painting it to resemble R2D2 like this person has:

If carving is your forte, you can line your walk with LED-lit pumpkins carved to look like Star Wars characters or just make one awesome one near your door. There are a number of free stencils available that you can use, or go freehand with carving knife and chisel and create a 3D Yoda or a Death Star.

Playing music from the Star Wars films so that people hear it as they approach your home is an instantly recognizable way to set the mood. Give your spouse an iPod, a closet to lock themselves in and a bottle of something good if you plan to play it all night long.

There’s no shortage of Star Wars themed costumes you can be in when you answer the door, although very few people can pull off the Princess Leia metal bikini and no one should remind us of the disaster that was Jar Jar Binks – but anything else is open game. The original Obi Wan, classic Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewie – all great choices.

As for candies for your trick-or-treaters, you could be truly evil like Emperor Palpatine and give out apples, but that’s just an invitation for an egging. Instead, consider some space-themed treats like Rockets, Flying Saucers, Space Dust to hand out.

Have you pulled off a pop culture themed Halloween? Tell us about it!

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