SOG Power Assist Compound Leverage Multi-Tool Review – It Cuts Money

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Ever since Leatherman tools came along, multi-tools have been on the belt, tool bag or pocket of countless DIYers and home improvement pros. And if you’re not sure how useful they can be, just ask Aron Ralston, the man who cut off his own arm with a multi-tool to free himself from certain death in a slot canyon in Utah. By the way, if you’re into multi-tools and their use as impromptu medical rescue devices, Aron Ralston’s story will be coming out shortly in the movie 127 Hours. Thankfully, my uses for the SOG Power Assist Multi-Tool were far from amputational. Yes, I made up that word.

SOG Power Assist Compound Leverage Multi-Tool:

The SOG Power Assist Multi-Tool showcases two real stand-out features: The power assist blade opening technology, and the compound leverage needlenose pliers/cutters. The SOG Power Assist blade opening is something we first covered in our SOG Flash II folding knife review. While we had mixed feeling about the technology in the folding knife (mainly due to speed of deployment with the built-in safety), we like it a lot in the multi-tool configuration. Like old fashioned swiss army knives, getting the right tool out of a multi-tool can sometimes be a pain. Often the right tool is simply a knife blade. With the SOG Power Assist, accessing the blade can be done without even folding open the multi-tool. Very handy for times you need to make a quick cut.

Quick cuts are also possible using the cutter built into the needle nose pliers on the tool. These particular SOG multi-tools feature a compound leverage feature that enables you to apply some pretty serious cutting/gripping power without having forearms like Popeye the Sailor. While cutting through pennies and even quarters may look like a gimmick, that compound leverage comes in very handy when you’re trying to maintain a grip with the needle nose, or you’re cutting through a thick wire. SOG’s compound leverage sets these multi-tools apart from most others. I even sacrificed our monthly profit from to test the power (I contributed the quarter seen in the video above). It’s the real deal.

SOG also includes some pretty sweet tools in their mulit-tool foldout arsenal. Their saw blade is probably something Aron Ralston wished he’d had for his ordeal. It’s wicked sharp and cuts through small branches like butter. Thankfully, we didn’t try it on bone. Also included in the model we received from SOG is their V-Cut line cutter. If you’re into fishing or frequently find yourself cutting small lines, the V-Cut makes quick work of guiding the line into a V shaped groove before cutting it. Of course, SOG included a bottle opener as well, which we consider mandatory on any type of multi-tool.

Ooh, and I just noticed that in the manual, it gives instructions on using the built in blasting cap crimper. Sweet! I’ve never used blasting caps before, but I can only imagine how handy having a crimper is for them. So the next time you have a demolition project where a pry bar just won’t do, keep in mind that with your SOG multi-tool, you’re just a blasting cap and some C4 away from serious demolition! Of course, if you legally use blasting caps in your occupation, then presumably this feature will be a bonus for you.

So, if you anticipate getting your arm stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be, or you need to blow things up, SOG Power Assist Multi-Tools might be exactly the kind of tool you’d like to have on your belt. Of course, life-threatening extrications and explosives aside, SOG’s multi-tools are power-packed accessories that will come in handy for just about any home improvement enthusiast. You can pick up the highly regarded SOG S66-N PowerAssist Multitool for just over $60 online.

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