Pack a Punch in a Tiny Area with Space Saving Furniture

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With the non materialistic millennials taking over and an overall trend toward smaller urban dwellings, sleek, multi-functional furniture is not only charming, it’s a necessity these days. From the growing Tiny House movement to big city, small space dwellers, to down-sizing empty nesters, these space-saving furniture solutions pack a lot of punch. And no, it’s not necessary to give up on style to save space. The possibilities are boundless, limited only by your imagination.

Mid-Century Modern with a Twist

An American reflection of the International and Bauhaus movement, the look of Mid-century modern incorporates clean straight-forward lines synthesized with nature. Function and form were equally important to the mid-century modern movement which is why Joybird’s customizable Toscano Dining Set is a perfect example of space-saving style. For mid-century modern enthusiasts this particular set is reminiscent of Hans Olsen’s 1953 Frem Rojle Teak Dining Table & Chairs. Choose your wood and pick your fabric from hundreds of designs to match any exterior.

Mid-Century Space Saving Dining Set

Functional Wall Art

Don’t overlook the wall when thinking about space-saving furniture. What about something that hangs flat on the wall, contributes an aesthetic element when not in use, and triples as space-saving furniture when needed? You can find all that in this ultra cool wall art turn folding chair. The Pic chair is created by the “Idea-driven design practice guided by a holistic core concept” company Dror which is led by Dror Benshetrit. Find out more about the Pic Chair and the company.

Dror Wall Mounted Pick Chair

Stairs, Stairs, Stairs!

Often hidden, there is a great deal of unused space beneath stairs. Whether they are stairs to a loft or another floor, they serve as a perfect hidden storage space and design opportunities abound. Take for example these under stair sliding cabinets designed by Miles Enterprise, Inc. that take advantage of the otherwise wasted space beneath a flight of stairs.

Under-stair storage designed by Miles Enterprise, Inc.
Photo-Miles Enterprise, Inc.

Money Saving & Space Saving Furniture Ideas

For those of us on a budget, there are always budget conscious stores such as Ikea. The Ikea Norberg wall-mounted drop-leaf table is a shelf by day/table by night and just one of many interpretations of this space saving furniture staple.

Ikea Norberg Wall-Mounted Table

DIY Space Saving Furniture

If you are a DIY-er and prefer to make your own customized space saving furniture (that’s multi-functional too), you will find a treasure trove of ideas online at websites like Pinterest or one of the many DIY blogs saturating the interwebs. Take for example this vintage suitcase table created by The Flipping Flea. Not only does this piece use recycled materials, but it triples as a table, hidden storage and, voila, a psychedelic chihuahua bed!

Suitcase table triples as hidden storage, table and pet bed.
Photo-The Flipping Flea

Have any space saving furniture ideas and suggestions of your own? Please share them via the comments below.

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