T-wedge Patella Knee Pads: Comfort & Prevention

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Let’s face it, home improvement and renovation projects can sometimes bring us down to our knees. We don’t mean just mentally and spiritually, but literally. Whether it’s installing or fixing hardwood floors, drilling a hole at just the right angle or assembling some horrible thing from Ikea, we find ourselves working on our knees rather frequently. This is doubly true if you’re into gardening and landscaping work.

You may be young (or not) but it’s important to protect your knees when doing these jobs. It’s not just about your comfort at the moment, but preventing long-term wear-and-tear of your bones and joints. Knees are important. (And that concludes my PSA for the day.)

How do you this? With good quality knee pads – and we found a pair that are among the best.

Duluth Trading, a go-to online and mail-order shop for all kinds of tradesmen goodies, offers an array of knee pads, but the highest quality available are the orthopedic T-wedge Patella Knee Pads. Made of neoprene, the base allows for flexibility. For added protection, a replaceable gel pack cushions the knee cap and allows weight to be distributed more evenly. The T-wedge itself allows you to stabilize yourself on a fairly flat surface without rolling or skidding – ideal for carpentry, plumbing, electrical, flooring and gardening jobs. The knee pads feature adjustable Velcro straps that hold on tight regardless of whether you’re kneeling, walking or standing – no shifting or readjusting needed! They’re positioned above and below the knee rather than right behind it, which makes it much more comfortable. Cordura® nylon outer materials resists tearing while an inner layer prevents a build-up of moisture.

T-wedge Patella Knee Pads (Less than 180 lbs.) and T-wedge Patella Knee Pads (More than 180 lbs.) are each available for $79.50. That might seem like an expensive amount to pay, but it’s nothing compared to knee surgery.

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