Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves – When You’ve Got Something To Hide

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tactical walls

In a previous post, we showed you how to easily install an in-wall safe to keep valuables safe from thieving scumbags. The wall safe is great for smaller stuff, like cash, jewelry and passports. You can probably squeeze in a handgun or two as well, if you’re so inclined. If your weapon of choice against the zombie apocalypse or other marauding scum is a tad bigger, say on the order of an AK47, a 12-guage Remington, or a Barrett Light 50, you’ll want a little more space to stash it. If you have guns or other valuables you’d like to keep well concealed, but easily accessible, take a peek inside the Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves.

Everyone wants to feel safe in his or her home. The unfortunate reality is that there will always be people out there who want something for nothing. Many of these people are perfectly willing to break into your castle to take that something from you. If you happen to be home at the time, they may have no qualms at all about harming you in the process. Living in a “good” neighborhood doesn’t necessarily spare you from the scumbags; after all, good neighborhoods = more money = better stuff to steal!

In addition to your run-of-the-mill thieves, the Tactical Walls site reports that there are over 8,000 home invasions every year. Although the odds may be slim that you will be a victim, many people are – and many homeowners want to be prepared to deal with it, just in case. If you live in the United States, in most areas, anyway, you are able to protect yourself and your family with a firearm.

Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves – Secret Compartments On Steroids!

Most folks who do choose to keep a firearm around don’t want to keep it leaning up against the TV, or on the kitchen table, where it will end up spattered with Sriracha and peanut butter. They DO want quick access to it if it’s needed, though. If you want to hide your weaponry (or spare Yugo keys, or whatever), the folks at Tactical Walls offer two Concealment Shelf options. Yep – hide your Glock in plain sight, right on the wall!

tactical walls
The Tactical Walls 1242 RLS – your standard wall shelf, with your standard junk on it…

Both look like nice shelves you might see in any home, but they each contain lockable drop-down storage compartments. The hidden compartments are accessed by placing a magnetic key at each end of the shelf, and gently pushing up on the compartment to release a catch. A strut lowers the compartment gently.

tactical walls
Probably NOT what’s inside your standard shelf!

The larger option is the Tactical Walls 1242 RLS (Rifle Length Shelf). This product, as you have undoubtedly guessed from the name, is a nifty storage solution for rifles and accessories, with an interior dimension of 12” X 42”, and a depth of 3-½”. The interior is customizable via the included foam insert, to securely cushion various firearms, magazines, flashlights, or those Yugo keys. The roomy interior will accommodate most rifles, although if you DO happen to have a Barrett Light 50 it will stick out a bit, as that particular rifle is almost 5’ long. And please give me a call, as I’d really like to shoot it!

If you’d prefer to stash handguns or other small items, check out the Tactical Walls 825 PLS (Pistol Length Shelf). Handmade right here in the United States, this smaller product, measuring 25” X 8” X 3” inside, is an excellent storage solution for handguns and accessories. Both products include the shelf, two magnetic keys, a customizable foam pad, and mounting hardware. The shelves are available in six different finishes, and with various trim; more details are available here.

tactical walls
The short version offers less space on top…
tactical walls
But can still help you out in a pinch!

But Wait – There’s More!

The Tactical Walls website offers several other options for keeping your arsenal handy but out of sight from thieving lowlifes. These include various sizes of concealment inserts, which are designed to fit flush into the cavity in a normal stud wall. With a sliding mirror disguising them, it’s very unlikely anyone will know they’re there. It’s a pretty slick system!

tactical walls
Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
tactical walls
And they come in short and tall.

Other clever, convenient places to stash your gat include a wall clock and a tissue box cover. Tactical Walls has a good website, with plenty of videos demonstrating their products, some info on staying safe, and an FAQ section that includes complete installation instructions. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re after, they will even custom-build a storage solution for you.

tactical walls
Got an issue? Grab a tissue!
tactical walls
tactical walls

Safety Notes

I’m not going to lecture anyone on gun safety. If you’re a firearm owner, you know it’s a serious responsibility to keep them secured from children, irresponsible idiots, criminal lowlifes, and pretty much anyone else who might pick them up and discharge them, intentionally or otherwise. Some of the items sold by Tactical Walls DO NOT LOCK. Naturally, the normal safety considerations and concerns about who might have access to the room where the firearms are stored apply. Additionally, their website reminds us that special considerations need to be made for state and local jurisdictions where firearm storage laws apply.

Ready To Make Your Walls Tactical Walls?

According to their website, Tactical Walls is a family owned and operated business based out of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. A love of all things guns, and a desire to give people usable defensive options with a touch of cool factor, has driven them to where they are today. Their goal is to provide their customers with innovative products that are simple to install and use, while enhancing their home defense options.

The Tactical Shelves team is proud that their products may one day help you protect yourself, or your family. Tactical Walls manufactures their concealment shelves, inserts and covers right here in the good old U.S. of A. They use American made material, and sweet, salty, American sweat. Guess we’ll just have to trust them on the “sweet” claim…If YOU’VE got something to hide, take a look – Tactical Walls has some unique ways to help you do it. And in plain sight!

More Info - via TacticalWalls.com

tactical walls

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