ThumbSaver, Save Your Thumb or Risk Torture

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thumbsaverNow that the Bush administration is gone, the talk about torture has really simmered down. No matter your political affiliation, I think we can all agree it would suck to be tortured. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the ThumbSaver shortly. In the meantime, did I ever tell you about the time I woke up at 2:00 am and went to shut our double-hung window? Needless to say, when the full weight of the sash gave way and fell on my thumb, I was not happy. Fast forward way too many hours later, and I was in the ER waiting for the Doc to take a searing hot metal point to poke a hole in my nail to relieve the . . . errrrr . . . “pressure.” I’m trying not to get to gory here. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, the Doc assured me. That was right before he accidentally jabbed the red hot point into my nail bed under the nail. Let’s just say I’ve never vocalized and moved my hand anywhere close to that fast in my life. Yup, I was briefly tortured. Granted, the Doc wasn’t trying to get any info from me, but I consider myself a torture expert nonetheless. Anyway, many of us have been working on a home improvement project and missed a nail with an awkward hammer swing, hitting a thumb instead. It’s an ugly experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Especially if you have to go get tortured at the ER. Plus, if you’re a parent, your kids now know several words that are NOT age-appropriate. The ThumbSaver is a product to help you avoid all this drama. Why it took someone so long to think up a magnet with a groove in it, I don’t know. The nifty ThumbSaver comes in two sizes, holds the nail, staple or screw straight and steady and keeps your thumbs well out of the danger zone. It’s manufactured and distributed by FW Tools – the same folks who came up with the FramingWizard, the Gutser and the HomeWrecker. Build decks, install drywall, shingle a roof or simply hammer in a nail for a picture frame, even in tight spaces. You can now do all these things without fear of torture. At well under $20, the ThumbSaver TS001 Magnetic Nail Setter Bonus Pack With The Standard and Mini Size are a steal. PS, if you threaten me with a cauterizing tip, I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

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Marc grew up under a brave single mom who "encouraged" home improvement on the family home. Early toddler gifts included a tool set, and even a cordless Bosch drill when cordless drills first came out. In grade school (give or take a few years), Marc's mom said, "We need to cut down some trees. . . . here's a chainsaw." A father figure also involved Marc in many home improvement projects, including a summer of home remodeling in Palo Alto, CA. Toss in some Obsessive Compulsive personality traits researching everything home improvement related. The end result: a genetically pre-disposed, socially sculpted home improvement machine! For his complete profile, please visit our About page. Really, it's worth it.

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