Tidy Trax Shoe Covers – Cover Your Dirty Boots and Your Butt

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Sometimes, it feels like you just can’t win. After weeks of nagging by your spouse, you finally get on that “thing” in the yard that you promised to get done. And, of course, mid-way through the project, you realize you need a beer tool from inside the house.  You’re feeling lazy, so rather than untie those shoes or work boots, you think you can wipe them on the mat, creep into the house quickly, get what you need, and creep out without leaving a mess. Guess again. As if a dirt alert went off, your spouse is in the room spazzing about the mess you just made by traipsing into the home with mucky shoes.

Yay for weekends.

At the recent National Hardware Show, Marc came across a product that can solve those worries. Sadly, it’s not a robot who will do your landscaping work for you – but it’s the next best thing.

Introducing the Tidy Trax Shoe Covers! You’ve probably seen those paper booties people sometimes put over their shoes? This is a tougher, long-term, smarter version of that concept. Made of EVA foam (fancy talk for “running shoe material”) and molded rubber, you just step into these shoe covers and go. With no bending or dropping what you’re carrying to put them on, these Tidy Trax Shoe Covers grip onto your shoes but keep the dirt, mud and dust from depositing on the floor. Here’s a video showing them in action:

Sure, they’re ugly – but remember those hideous Crocs you were wearing a couple years ago? In public? Not much different.

You can check out Tidy Trax Shoe Covers directly if you want more info. Measurements are based on the length of your shoe, not your traditional shoe size – so get that measuring tape out! Tidy Trax can be also be found for about $33 for a pair on Amazon.

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