Tile Tattoos – We Promise this Won’t Hurt a Bit

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tile tattoo decals

Are you ready for a new bathroom or kitchen palette, but don’t have the time or money to invest in a complete overhaul? Tile Tattoos, (aka tile stickers or tile decals), are one of the latest design trends that offers the look of new tiles without the hassle or mess of re-tiling, all at a fraction of the cost and eco friendly to boot. Tile Tattoos or vinyl tile stickers are produced by several companies that offer unique designs and color motifs. They can be part of a bathroom or kitchen remodel or simply to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral or dreary room. So, instead of pulling up the tile in your bathroom or kitchen, why not just spare the landfill and and your bank account by creating a fresh new look with tile tattoos and decals. Read on for some design inspiration and shopping options.

tile tattoo decals
Photo Stick Pretty

Stick Pretty Tile Decals

tattoo tile decalsStickPretty founded by Roxie Mae Lackman offers a unique line of tile decals. From their mid century Shanklin design which comes in 24 different colors, to their solid design free color tattoos, to more intricate patterns like this Sevilla design, StickPretty has an extensive design palette. Each design comes in four standard sizes, however, for an additional fee they will custom size your tile decals for you. According to the company’s website they are easy to apply and can be removed without leaving a sticky residue. Prices range from $18 – $22 for sets of ten. Stick Pretty also offers stylish and practical privacy films for windows. According to the company’s About Me page “we print everything on site here in our idyllic Florida studio” shown below.

Tile Stickers and Decals – Quoadrostyle

Quadrostyle was founded by Gabrielle Morabia who was looking for a way to deal with unsightly tiles in her newly purchased 200 year old townhouse in Provence. Her husband didn’t want to spend the time or money to replace the tiles, so Gabrielle began to think of a way to cover them with the colorful mosaic palette she loved. Gabrielle’s vinyl tile sticker (and wall sticker) line, Quadrostyle, grew from there. Tile stickers are available in six different sizes and come in packs of 24 or 36. Small dimension tiles, 10cm x 10cm Twentyfour packs of Quadrostyle vinyl tile stickers are $29.95 plus shipping. Prices go up from there. Individual sample tile stickers run between $1.50 – $3.50 depending on the size.

Tile Stickers, Decals and Tattoos are Easy Peasy

Tile stickers and tile tattoos are an easy remodeling alternative that require little time, skill, effort or budget. They can be used in a couple blocks as an accent or on an entire ceramic, glass, or stone tile wall to transform the room. Easy on, easy off and waterproof, tile stickers are a renter’s best friend. Chances are, your landlord would frown upon you tearing out the kitchen tile backsplash, and since most rentals are decorated in neutral solid colors to appeal to a wide range of people, rental spaces are perfect for tile decal decorating. Or, you and/or others in your household may just want to maximize your design bang-for-the-buck while minimizing hassle. Tile stickers make a great alternative to re-tiling, just don’t go for the giant naval ship or pin-up girl tattoo, OK?

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