Announcing Tool News Nirvana – April 2011

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HomeFixated Tool News Nirvana

A couple weeks ago I was browsing fellow tool blog sites, and I think it was ToolSnob, that basically said (and I’m paraphrasing very loosely here), “we’ve got a bunch of news and since we’re too lazy to describe each in detail, we’re listing them all in this one post.” You’re probably thinking my reaction was horror, shock, disbelief, disappointment, disillusionment, sadness or some combination of the above. Instead my thought was, “Total Genius!!!!” You see, staying up to date on tool news means that we’re frequently being sent tool news. But the reality is, not all news warrants a full post. We don’t want HomeFixated to become a massive (and boring) press release repository, but we also don’t want important news, sexy product announcements and spicy tool gossip to go to waste either. Which is why we’re launching a new feature post called “Tool News Nirvana.”

As you can see from our latest Photoshop shenanigans, we’re so committed to this idea we even created a graphic for it. Woot! Here’s how it will theoretically work: Every time a certain top-secret time period passes (might be a week, might be a month, most likely it will vary), we’ll publish a post that has several bits of possibly scintillating news. In order to minimize our effort (we’re lazy that way), we’ll pull a choice quote or two from the press release and quote it alongside any pertinent photo or video. “But what about HomeFixated’s infamous wit and snark?” you’re surely asking. Tool News Nirvana will be mostly dry and relatively to-the-point quoted press verbiage, but we promise to still slip in a sly comment or two to keep you from getting sleepy. So, without further babbling, behold the first Tool News Nirvana coverage!

Skil Announces Oscillating Multi-Tasker (OMT)
skil oscillating multi-taskerNot to be confused with the 80’s band OMD, the OMT marks our sponsor Skil’s entry into the increasingly crowded oscillating tool arena. In fact, if the oscillating tool market were like part of a music venue, it’d be a mosh pit at a Slayer concert.

This 11-piece tool kit is perfect for any-level do-it-yourself and will help complete a variety of at-home projects! In addition to a 2.0 amp motor, no-mar head to protect walls from scratches, and integrated dust-extraction, the OMT features the Oscillating Interface System – a universal accessory interface which allows oscillating accessories from other brands to fit perfectly on the OMT.

We’re stoked the OMT uses OIS and is one of the few oscillating tools to include dust collection. The OMT is set to retail at around $80 at Walmart this month.

DEWALT Announces World’s First 15 Ounce All-Steel, Lightweight Framing Hammer
“Traditionally, hammers as heavy as 28 or even 32 ounces were the industry standard in framing applications; however, the trend is moving toward lighter hand and power tools,” said Ian Harney, global product manager, hammers and demolition tools. “Extensive jobsite research with professionals has led our engineering team to use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers while maintaining the strength and durability that DEWALT end users demand. This innovation delivers the power professionals need to maximize their level of productivity while minimizing arm fatigue.”

We saw this thing at STAFDA last year and thought it had a lot of promise, and even some advantage over titanium. Scheduled to hit Home Depot in June for around $60.

DEWALT Also Announces New 25 Foot Short Tape with 13 Foot Blade Standout
dewalt measuring tape“The new 1.25 inch, 25 Foot Short Tape touts several product innovations to help contractors become as efficient as possible on the jobsite,” said Tom Chang, global product manager, tape rules. “Standard tape measures feature end hooks that can only grasp materials from the bottom; however, our end hook can also grasp materials from the top and sides, making it easier to measure even the most challenging materials on the jobsite. In addition, the new tape offers 13 feet of blade standout and a durable, rubber slide lock that can withstand the daily rigors of jobsite abuse. Our tape measure also has a Mylar®* coating to protect the blade from wear and tear.”

We also checked one of these out at the STAFDA show and the end hook design makes a lot of sense. Plus, with 13 feet of blade standout, you can challenge your buddies with a wager on who can get the most standout (it’s either that or actually do work with it).

Porter Cable Shows Off Their New Cordless and Corded Oscillating Tools
A little over a month ago PORTER-CABLE announced the launch of its new corded (PC250MTK) and cordless (PCL120MTC-2) oscillating multi-tools. Check out the demo / promo video here. The quick-change tool-free feature for accessories on these look very promising. We’ll likely have a hands-on review of these for you in the not too distant future as well.

Stanley Launches Carbide Utility Blades That Reportedly Last More Than Five Times Longer Than the Competition
stanley carbide utility blade

Stanley announced today the introduction of its new utility blades, which last more than five times longer than the competition due to groundbreaking Carbide Blade Technology™. These new CARBIDE utility blades (11-800, 11-800T and 11-800L) are designed to deliver increased blade life, maintain first-cut sharpness and offer snap resistance—three key factors that today’s professionals demand. These breakthrough utility blades provide heavy users the long awaited durability needed to keep cutting through a variety of applications, including roofing, drywall, ceiling tile installation, and other building products that prove challenging for traditional blades. Stanley is also offering professional users a free trial sample of its new CARBIDE Utility blade (while supplies last). Contractors can visit www.stanleytools/carbide and enter their contact information to receive a blade. Samples will be sent to U.S. addresses only and are limited to one per household.

Available now, the blades are expected to retail in packs of five (11-800) for approximately $4.99, packs of 10 (11-800T) for $7.99 and packs of 50 (11-800L) for $24.99. Not only do these blades sound promising, they’ve also got really nice graphics printed onto the side of them. Who would have thought a utility blade could look so stylish? Of course, the proof will be in the cutting ability and longevity. Also, who knows how long the free trial will last, so if you qualify, get in touch with them asap!

New Bosch Precision Stop Bits Promote Quick, Secure Anchoring

Bosch Stop Bits bring precision, speed and professionalism to a task once marked by guess work and drill bits marked with tape. Applications are designed to incorporate drop-in anchors. A steel collar on each bit marks the precise depth of the hole. Once the collar is flush with the concrete surface, the correct depth is reached. Bosch offers a complete line of five carbide-tipped steel bits that include 3/8”, ½” and 5/8” sizes. Depths range from 13/16” to 2-1/16”. The size and depth range of the Bosch offering accommodates more than 80 percent of all requirements for drop-in anchors.

We don’t do much concrete anchoring around the house here, but this looks like a slick system.

Irwin Tools Thank a Tradesman Sweeps – A Chance to Win a Cool $1 Mil

If there’s anything we missed, or you’d like to share your thoughts on any of the news coverage, please chime in via the comments below. Stay tuned for more Tool News Nirvana coming soon!

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  1. I saw the PC oscillating tool at Lowe’s last weekend. Looks like a solid contender and the first on the market to offer real competition for Fein’s quick release blade feature (and might be a slight improvement in that there’s no bolt to lose). The quick release was very easy to use, just pull on the lever and the toothed blade clamps separate allowing you to remove the old blade and insert a new one. My main concern would be how solid the blade will be held while the tool is being used, especially in more demanding sawing applications. Looking forward to your review!


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