Tool Deals and Steals – Nov 24, 2019

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This round of tool deals and steals we’re going around the table since turkey day is right around the corner. We’ve got tools for all ages and all types, so when that estranged uncle shows up at the door, you’ll be ready to make room for another loud mouth. Or to drill the doors shut. And, if you want a break from the chaos, you can retreat into the shop to test out some new gear, or show off that new special deal!

DeWalt, 20V Max XR Brushless 1” D-Handle Rotary Hammer, DCH133M2

Pre-drill and set anchors using the free 1/2″ driver with this kit

When an uninvited guest shows up with that 80-lb. dog in tow that’s ready to raid the leftovers, you may want to consider some solid concrete anchors and a good chain. That’s where the DeWalt 20V cordless rotary hammer kit comes into play. This kit comes with the tool, battery, and charger. Plus, this deal comes with a free 1/2-inch impact driver so you can set your anchors after you’ve got your holes pre-drilled. And when the holidays have passed, you can bring them both out again to take on those heavy-duty tasks at home or on the job site.

$299.00 + Free impact driver (previously $549.51 + $199.00)

Promo Code: DCF894B Expiration: 12/31

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Metabo, 18 LTX Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit, 602266890-K4

Step up to any carving needs with this cordless Metabo saw

If you really want to get the job done at the dinner table, you can upgrade your old busted electric knife with a cordless reciprocating saw from Metabo. Sure, the Metabo 18 LTX Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw kit might be overkill. But I doubt the bird will mind. Plus, you can use this while listening to tunes from a free Metabo R12-18 Bluetooth Cordless Worksite radio that comes with it. You can hand the radio over to the toddlers or throw it in the toolbox when you have to get back to your day job. If you’ve got the turkey handled but still want the radio, no worries. The radio is included with 21 other Metabo kits that you can choose from.

$326.00 Plus Free Cordless Bluetooth Radio (previously $447.00 + $99.00)

Promo Code: MET-SHIP for free shipping Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Ohio Power Tool

Rockler, Sanding Bow, #50119

Impress the elders with this bow sander

If you have a runaway edge or splinter on a handrail, rocking chair, or cane, impress those in-laws with your propensity for preparedness by whipping out the Rockler Sanding Bow. This tool collapses down for easy storage and folds out to form a bow-like sander that allows for efficient smoothing of curved or rounded surfaces. Plus, you can impress the miser in the family by letting them know you got 40 percent off because of this deal.

$14.99 (previously $24.99)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Rockler

SawStop, Jobsite 1.5HP 10” Flesh-Sensing Table Saw + Cart/Fence, JSS-MCA

Save some cash – and your fingers – with this SawStop deal

If that overprotective parent starts showing concern when you pull out all your rapid cutting devices, make sure to pull them aside after the big meal and do a full demonstration with this SawStop Flesh Sensing Table Saw. These table saws are a marvel of invention that offer a unique form of safety. The 10-inch saw can retract and stop in 5 milliseconds if skin is detected, preventing serious injuries typical of table saws. At nearly 30 percent off, you can ease concerns and still get the job done – while keeping all your fingers intact.

$999.00 (previously $1,299.00)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

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CAT, Super Grip, Impact Knuckle Guard Work Gloves

Get a grip with these heavy-duty work gloves

Don’t go pulling your hair out if the stress of family is too much. Instead, pull yourself together and get a grip with these Super Grip Impact Knuckle Guard Work Gloves. At more than 70 percent off, it’s hard to beat the protection you get for this price. The molded knuckle impact protection helps in those knuckle-busting tasks and the synthetic leather palm with silicone grip is ideal for keeping a good handhold on that tool. Or your sanity.

$9.99 (previously $35.00)

Promo Code: (If Applicable) Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

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If there are any specific brands or types of tools you’d like to see featured in future Tool Deals and Steals article, please let us know in the comments section below. And, if you stumble across a smokin’ hot tool deal we should know about, please email the link to us via our contact page.

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